School Of Hard Clocks Ep1

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UPDATE 11/1/03:
OMFG Daily 5th place! You guys ROCK! Oh, except for the anti-clocks that gave me a low score, you guys suck.

------------- My masterpiece!! *Sniff* I've slaved 2 months on this piece of shit, TWO MONTHS, and for who? You, thats right. YOU! Many stagger-filled nights and groggy days I've wasted my life on this. Actualiy, it was my pleasure :D, this is my halloween movie, And my best flash yet. So after ranting and raving, I think I'll let you get on to watching the movie. Cheers.



i dont like clock crew but that JUST ROCKED!


another great flash by the clockcrew

wow...2 months

Ahh, so when the guns didnt kill it, they went for the more primative option and thought pointy things would work? Aside from all the problems the movie has, the only positive thing i can think of is it had ok graphics. I hate clock movies, so of course I've got a massive list of things I cant stand about this movie. The whole "oh no, its a flying supernatural being, lets try and shoot at it with a gun", and it seems that the type of people who like these types of movie cant seem to spell the word "the", as apposed to "teh".
On the other hand, I liked the preloader, I guess it wasnt a complete waste of time.

Jeff-Mc responds:

who said anything had to make sense? Oh, and I spell THE just fine, thank you're stupid ass very much.

Rock on!!

that movie kicked ass. i would tell you something ot add, or change, or some shit like that, but, its perfect teh way it is. cant wait to see ep.2


Its me again...The forgoten Clock,WarriorClock. Is it ok if the 2nd Creator of SOHC:pre votes on one of ur movies?

Your friend,

Jeff-Mc responds:

Think a minute and ask yourself that friend... Of course.

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3.68 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2003
11:51 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place November 1, 2003