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This is my first Flash Movie, it isn't very good yet, but thats because im very new to Flash. I also used a very simple and cheap program called Swish 2. People who use flash, call this often Babyflash, and they are right :P it is. But at this time im learning Flash MX. So if you watch the movie, remember this is the best you can do with Swish. Im kinda proud on the music tho, i written, and created it all myself with my pc :) well i hope you enjoy the movie.. plz send me any comments, suggestions, critics or whatever, becasue i still have got much to learn, and i am interested in what ppl say from my first attempt. thanks


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not bad for a first flash

hey this was really good for ur first flash but u can improve on in in da future though constuctive critisim (yeah u no i cant spell tht word)

it could have been better but it was good

it could have been better but it was good for a first animation


for a first flash its not bad, but deffinately could use some improvement. a little more detail on the guns and stuff, and a little more realism, i liked the characters, they had a unique body style, it was invisible.

not a lot of point but looks promising...

plus I ympathise I'm just learning flash MX meself but haven't had the guts to put anything up yet! But didn't you're ,main character blatantly fist one of the guards towards the end?? watch and see...

Pretty good.

The slow frame rate and lack of character depth are the only thing keeping it from being a bright shining star of a flash movie. Other than that it is definately pretty fucking cool, man.
Good luck

Magwai responds:

hey thanks, the framrerate is only 8 fps :P but i couldnt use more because Swish doesnt supoort sound syncring really frustrating to work with sounds in swish... :s but thanks!

Credits & Info

3.13 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2003
2:08 PM EST
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