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Mushan - orb of balance

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//i added the high quality version of the clip..hence the size..if 2many people should have problems i'll replace it ;) or you can check it on the (animated)website //

This is my first serious animation. In all it's my 5th animation to date. I have been doing the grandma episodes for lunaclick.com with a lot of pleasure, but felt like also starting a more dramatic series under my own name. And here it is : MUSHAN and the orb of balance. This is the trailer to the series. Somewhere in the 1st Q of 2004 you can expect the first of ten episodes that tell the tale of MUSHAN. This trailer is my way of setting the atmosphere and make people curious ofcourse ;) Hope it works.

On my website i'll be adding the bio of the characters and a small hint towards the story in the next weeks. So check it out (http://www.cyberdemon.be)

The music on this trailer, the website and hopefully the future episodes is by the hand of 3s. He did a smashing job!!I would like to thank him and my testaudience (Els, QW and Ziepe) for the help and the support.

hope you enjoy it


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i was good but make it longer nxt preveiw

alright to short and i think that i look good cnt wait to c episode

oh my god

This is way different from your other stuff and I like it man! Okay it's just a trailer, but it already has great potential. The graphics are amazing and the atmosphere mysterious. Damn to bad we still have to wait so long for episode 1 :p

very nice

this is one great peice of flash my friend ... very nice job on the animation and the way you left it of waz just good enough to make me wanna see more well see ya ^^

This is COOL!!

Well, I really think that this is great for a first animation! It shows that you have a lot of potential, the graphics are absolutely great and the music is perfect. I'm anxious to see your first episode, so keep up the good work!!!

Slowgoing and boring

My time is precious and I can't waste it on waiting for some weird mystical little old man to open his eyes. Jeeze I've been so anxious to get a movie over with.

deemzies responds:

your time precious :) then just use the little cross in the topright. ;)