Quiz time with Crono 6

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Chrono's sixth quiz. Now i know some of you might think these quizzes are getting old, but i'm trying my best to keep the series alive. You'll notice a couple of new things in the quiz that'll make you happy.

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One of the best...

Gonna try number 7.

My perfect score still lives. I feel like a fanboy. Yet I am not.

Yay, Pointless Quizzes!

This was a fun little diversion and a good way to test my (thought to be non-existant) Squenix knowledge. I believe that a 13 is an ample score in the fanboy sense and a complete and utter amazement to a once thought Square-Enix illiterate like myself. Onec again, thank you for making this delightful and enlightening quiz.
(P.S., sorry about my previous spelling errors that are now headlining the pages of Sparks and College University pt.7)

Good, but a few thing i don't like...

Good, Like all the quizzes, but...
1) Terra's picture was NOT originally from FFVI,
2) The cactus thing has been called CACTROT


Square Enix is my favorite game developer and 7 is the score i get?!! Oh... Guess i havent really played anything else but their FF games...

lol! Awesome!

I just went through the entire series of your Quizzes with Chrono. It was freakin hilarious! I thought that Janus' cat's name was Alfredo.... back to beating the game again another 6 times!
I rated 0 for violence because there was none in the entire series.(I got 10... I sucked.)

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Oct 29, 2003
7:05 PM EST
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