A day in mushroom kingdom

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Hi. Sorryabout the file size. At the last moment some problems with the sound shown up and when i fixed them (there are still a few bugs with the sound. I maybe fix them later) The filesize doubled!But don't worry. I think i can fix that. Just enjoy my new movie!


You think you know the Nintendo heroes...

I've been a fan of Nintendo and Super Mario since I was very little, and I always thought Mario was crazy about food and such, but I would never guess he would reject a delicious cake! XoD Funny, unexpected ending.
I thought I knew Super Mario!

Well, the music was great...

But that was really short and to the pointlessnessess. I kept wanting more of the songs I heard, then it all came crashing down on my foot like a brick with hepatitis B. And then the death of the princess was too fast, and the machine gun over-killed the affect. He would've had to shoot the entire group because they would've killed him! Anyway, it doesn't seem like you put a whole lot of effort into the actual plot, or the animation. Or, anything really. It's easy enough for anyone to copy things and put them in order. But to do it where it really has the same power as a KICK IN DA CHES', takes time and even more so practice. Good try though, it really only needs a little work to be something like a...... ummm...... stray bird to the chest.

A very funny Mario spoof! Maybe the best I've seen

This movie was great! Very good use of irony, GAMECUBICLE! You could've made it go on a little and have Luigi and the turtle things react with something like OMG, but I liked it.

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no1 has revewed this movie yet this month...and its good!

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lesson learned.....

i wont give mario a cake, instead ill get him every nintendo game systen and all the mario games there are lol

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3.73 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2003
3:04 PM EST
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