Clones short ep.1

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If u can wait for the loading thing at credits i'd like u to watch the next preveiws of 2 movies "clones ep.2 ,and Shmo-Go,and Funnystuff from Shmo-Go"well don't blamm this!



this movie was cute. lip sync is a little off....still ....its cute.

Decent Start

I'll be perfectly honest here:
~I'm impressed that you made a flash like that at such a young age. I don't see that a lot.
~Sound was hard to understand but it got a little better towards the end.
~Graphics weren't high quality but I understand that they're hard to draw. The mouths and animation didn't really follow the voice.
~The 'Funny Stuff' was cute, period.

It's better than anything i could make, so I won't hold anything against you. If you truely like making flash, then just go on and make them for enjoyment.

UM Dude

DUDE: one, get better sound(get more chricturs and outher people to help with the voices)two:GRaphics, and i know your 12 and all but dude work harder,Three: grow up, please, do it agen do it agen do it agen!, no, dude, no, you just dont do that, well im sorry to say it to you, but this is the worst piece of crap iv ever seen, there is no plot, no story line, no nothing, just some dude who wakes up and slams himselfinto a wall then gets his ass kickd by come dude who looks like him, TIP: get a fuckin story line!!!!,

Your lord and master,

Ummm wtf?

Im surprised something this crap made it to the latest 50 portal. What the hell was going on with the plot? or the mouth movement?
This is probably your first flash animation but I have to admit that your sounds were by far the worst part. Try to make the voices while your little sister isnt giggling in the background. And also grow a little older before you make the talking yourself, you sound like an 11 year old child. Wug's animations are far more superiour to this (even though I havent seen em)

SPC204 responds:

ok i'm 12 and i don't have a little sister it was my cuzin and did any of u guys try to watch the preveiws for the next shit?


This was ok for your first submission, but check out what I gave you for your scores and remember them. I tried my best to grade you accordingly.

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1.73 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2003
9:12 PM EST
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