The Zombie Takeover

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It's been awhile since I've worked on any cartoons of my own, I've been really busy with work and other crap. So this toon has been worked on off and on again for maybe 3 months, I wish I could have done more with it. Mainly I just wanted to experiment with a different look for my animation and perhaps I can use this style on my non comedic projects.


nice man

jod job whit this mivie, is not the best but it´s fun.


im a HUGE fan of zombies
DAsaint is right we live in a age of gene technology
but that we create somekind of "thing" that rescurrect the body is still pretty impossible...but for how long?
anyway i heard THERE IS A RESEARCH GOING ON ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THIS i think it was for make people who's limbs are paralyzed to make them normal again
it could be a lie... i hope so


The graphics were awesome but the movements of the zombies seemed a little off. The zombies moved more like robots. My volume didn't work when I was watching this but when watched with the volume off you can pay more attention to the terror and detail of the animation. The facial expressions suited the people well. Anyways so what's with the other reviews telling people how to escape from zombies like they actually exist


Really good drawing and quite uncomfortable to watch and that´s really good.

closet? BAD idea..

usually zombie flicks show the survivors.. how they battle their asses off to survive..
this one shows that EVERY decision should be considered properly..
PANIC is the first step to becoming a brain cocktail for teh zombeehs.

i'm a fan of the zombie genre. and of course i have some basic knowledge about them..

well there are many theories indeed.. how they perceive the world and what to do.

My first thing to do - get something that has "Brain damage" written all over it. A baseball bat, a steel pipe. Good things to have handy..

Second would be to get sturdy clothing that doesn't tear easily.. jeans prefferably. Since any scratch can cause infection.. it's very important you avoid being scratched now ain't it?
Good shoes. NO SNEAKERS! YOu're gonna end up with bleeding feet and no brains..

Third - shelter is pretty vital. If at home.. IMMEDIATELY block all exits. Make sure the house is clear. Do some spring cleaning if necessary. If outside, look for a high spot. Don't spend too much time there, because the zombeeeeehs will amass arround you.. and then you're going NOWHERE...
use the time wisely to collect yourself and figure out how to get to a safehouse.

4th - Round up all food supplies you can find. No instant meals and all that microwave crap.. simple dried bread can keep you alive for weeks.
Very VITAL - water. raid the nearest store at first opportunity to supply yourself with bottled water. The water from the faucet might be infected..

5th - any survivors are potential danger. Examine them carefully before turning your back. It could take a split second to lose all you've fought for..

6th - GUN. I'm not a gun-nutt or whatever the term is, but you can't fight off 20 zombies in a bunch with just a bat.. that's called suicide, kids..
you WILL need a fire arm at some point.

7th - if they are slow. Don't get your panties in a bunch.. Smash your way trough or run arround them.. it's not THAT hard. Slow zombies are pretty harmless if scattered.. be carefull if they start surrounding you.. get to a clear area IMMEDIATELY!

since we all assume that zombies don't exist.. all my tips are a waste of time, BUT .. are they fiction or is the "T-virus" a few research years away? Who knows.. after all .. we DO live in the age of gene technology.

let's see.. i think I made my point :)

P.S. Originally zombies com from the VooDoo religion where the victim is fed a strange tea or soup .. which drugs him and turns him into some kind of puppet. Indifferent to pain and VERY focused on target task. You could shoot the victim a few times, he'd still be coming. Here's where the "SHOOT THE HEAD" stereotype has come from.

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Oct 28, 2003
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