3D Car Driver

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Hey all! This is a simple game, with all original art music and sound effects by me. I made it in a couple days - please don't judge it too hard :)

Use Mouse To Control Car
Get The Green Lights to gain speed!
Get the Money from the Yellow Pedestrians for Cash$$$$
Avoid the Red Light - it will slow you down ;)
Avoid the Red Guys, they give out bag NG reviews!!!!!!

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I remember playing this almost every day for several weeks. Still holds up pretty well, but I would like to see some more variety in the gameplay. Really enjoyed playing this again.

It's always nice to have 3D games here on Newgrounds. Of course, nowadays, "3D" doesn't mean what it used to on this website. Of course, I was amazed at how fast paced this game was! I mean, yeah, it was a driving game but one of the fastest I've ever played! It's one of those games where you really have to keep up with what's on screen. One little distraction can spell your doom.

There was a fairly nice amount of detail put into this too. I like how the sounds met up with the action well. It is still a game you have to get used to. I wish you guys would submit new games. The sprite animation (if that's what it even is) works well.


i got 6 times as many points when i just left the game on than when i actually tried


A nice and simple car game, with a tiny filesize, I like the multidimensional view as well, and the chosen car, heh, keep it going!



to kakureon,
"it's fun i got 70 pounds on my 2nd go =D"

what, you gained 70 pounds when you played this game? ROFL. hey, if you get fat do you say "oh dam ive been packing on those dollars"

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3.11 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2003
1:28 PM EST
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