Carious Weltling

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Carious weltling is an Online Flash game, where you take the roll of a young welting (a "dead" baby bird thing) who is slowly rotting away in the desert heat, as weltling you need to catch and eat maggots falling from the sky to fill your ever draining blood bar. simple as it sounds catching falling maggots isn't all that easy when you have a barrage of Dumplings (also dead and rotting sacks of flesh) falling from the sky as well. add falling spikes, wicked power ups and cameos from other upcoming games and you have yourself ... dare i say it... THE FUNKIEST FLASH GAME EVER!.
The first, and most certainly not last, fusion of the creative talents of Edmund Mcmillen and RiftMaster!
The saga begins... :)

A,D = Move
Left Mouse Button (click) = Spit
Left Mouse Button (hold) = Geyser
Q = Change graphic quality (if the game runs slow on your system)


Direction (concept and ideas), Visuals (art and animation) = Edmund Mcmillen
Engineering (programming and assembly) = RiftMaster



Gratifyingly gruesome. I am beginning to love all of games. The artwork is fantastic and the gameplay is such bloody fun. I really enjoy all the stories behind the creatures too.

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i love the bad lands sries im makeing my own monstres for the bad lands

@samuel777 when using all of the blood, the birdo dries up and dies.

This game is funny yet disgusting! (Not in a bad way) heres a tip for all you people out there! To switch your cross-hair (What your target looks like) push page up or page down unless you don't have any new ones. Anther tip is how to do your special attack. To barf all your blood out just hold the mouse instead of clicking and after about 1 1/2 seconds you will start it but it takes alot of blood so beware. It's good only for doing combos which really only give you double points and are just fun. Whats really annoying is how I died, was I was trapped with nails, a STUPID giant 3-hit thing came down and hit me on the head, stunning me and then a STUPID cactus came up and sliced my head off. At least I got 2 more kills before my blood all gushed out. It actually is sorta fun to get your head copped off because it basically is your special attack but you are dying in the progress... You know I never have tried running out of blood but I really don't want to take any chances so can anybody tell me what happens when you run out of blood? Just burp/barf out all your blood and tell me what happens after if you die or you get more or...What? This part now is for the creator of the game! Hey, what inspired you to make this game, how did you get the idea of the dead bird... Thing? What did you have to do to think of how to draw it and WHAT THE CRAP IS THE POINT OF THE GAME it's just an endless shooting fest! But still I say this was a very addiction game I couldn't stop playing until I died. I rated 4.5 because there seems to be no point to this game (and to most) and I wish you could have told it or put it in the game. Also I have 2 more questions. The first is you should make a second Carious Weltling game and the second is when is the game that was shown when you die coming out? What website are you putting it on? Well I don't wanna type much more I have been for like 10 full minutes. Please rate this fairly and truthfully. If you find it helpful or like it, rate so but if you don't then do so too. (Wow now at the end I have 2015 Characters left! XD)

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3.74 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2003
6:09 PM EST
Action - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place October 28, 2003