The Last Stride

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Sup everyone, this is my first sprite flash ever, so vote fairly please.
I worked hard on this project, only so people at NG.com could enjoy it. PLEASE, please leave a review! Thanks to ZawTiger who taught me how to lower the file size so I can submit it.


Very nice, but flawed in my eyes.

You had some great ideas and animations in that flash; deserving of a good score. Now, let's address issues. A lot of your fight scenes to put it mildly, sucked. Jumping on a robot's head kills him and the arm cannon didn't? I never liked that. Your final scene with "Willy" (To my recollection, it was Dr. Wily, one 'L') was alright, except for the ending. The slo-mo was WAYY too slow, and the ending sucked a lot of ass. He floated off and that was it, no explosion, no screams, just leaves. You need a more clear cut ending. You're on the right path, you have the skills, just put a little more thought and ingenuity into your plots, and you could be "King of the Portal" :-)

TvP responds:

Cool a long review. I could have spent more time on this flash, but really I just wanted to finish it because I was excited that it was my best flash so far. Sorry 'bout that, hope you voted high still, ;-)

I really liked it

but the sound was kinda crapy. but other wise, it was super coolio. and poor mega man....he lost his doggy...

TvP responds:

Sorr about the sound, it was over 5MB so I had to make it somewhat worse. Hope you enjoyed it.

Great stuff!

This is very good quality stuff. I cant beleive you were worried that people might blam it! The bad thing is that the music sometimes repeats it's self, maybe you should find a longer song.

TvP responds:

Thanks for the review. This is actually what happened, the file was to big, so I had to make the sound.. "worse" than it was originally. Sorry about that, thanks for the 9!

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3.51 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2003
11:15 PM EST
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