Gun Control?!

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Tom asked for some clips on gun control so I whipped this up. It was sort of inspire by a thread in the BBS where someone was saying the best thing to do is ban all guns. Kinda simple but I think that is the point. I know it's a breach from my usual "style" but oh well. Let the chaos begin.



Let's face it. This movie is pretty bad. However, I agree with you 100%. That is exactly what will happen with more gun control. England and Australia have both proven that. I don't understand how those anti-gun dumbasses can so stupid as to not realize that. I guess that hammer of political correctness has beaten them senseless. Political correctness has a strange way of doing that to people. They are so busy changing their beliefs to what everybody else believes that they miss the point completely. It's like a snowball too. More people get caught in it, which causes more peer pressure on those that aren't until they get caught in it as well. So I think gun-control is not the battle we should be fighting. We should be fighting against political correctness. The rest should just spill over into the other fields.
If you see this, please respond. I want to know what you think.

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good cartoon

well that was pretty funny. cuz everone knows that the gun control lays are a crock a' shit

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People, please remember that it is impossible for a gun to kill a person. How can a gun kill? It is an inanimate object. The killers are the people operating the firearms.

Great message, seanbonner. Spread the word.

Simple logic!

Why is America's crime rate so high? The reason is easy. America is the most diverse country in the world. Just about every other country on the planet is just one race. In the US, there are naturally races that hate others, so we have violence. That's why our crime rate is so high in comprison to other nations.

Now, I'm not racist or anything, but gun control is for communists. In total, 57 million people have been killed in wars because their countries banned all firearms.

People who buy guys are _not_ going to kill you.

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Flash w/ Message

The graphics, sound and such were far from the greatest, but it got the job done by delivering a extremely importent message. It reminds me of a video tape I got from the NRA about how Great Britan and Australia's governments did practically the same thing, and look where they are now.

Good message makes up for an otherwise hastily done flash. God help us if this ever happens...

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