Viewtiful Evil

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Movie #4!
This was an easy toon I did in about 2 days. I got the idea from playing Viewtiful Joe and Resdient Evil for long periods of time.

For those unfamilular with Viewtiful Joe, its basically a game(by Capcom) about a guy named Joe getting sucked into a hero action movie. The core gameplay of VJ is the special powers you get. Slow(slows time), Mach Speed (speeds up time), and Zoom(used to execute special moves).

And of course, I thought to myself, how much zombie ass could I kick in Resident Evil if I used Joe's powers. Well the game would be hella easy, so I took the movie in a slightly different direction.

Anyways, thats all I have to say for now, enjoy the movie.


Wasnt expecting this.

I just watched the other one and i thought this one would be better. The graphics did improve a lil but the humor and style got worse.Mxing games like RE and the joe game just doesnt work. i did find the part where you say "Buy 'em bitch!" very funny though...So i guess i should say...Make more RE flashes plz :D


This Was So Funny Dude Make More Resident Evil Combos!


Wow man please make more cuz these things r sooo awsome

Awesomely funny

That was really funny. I really like how the zombies looked. And the noise they they made was hilarious. 'RAWR!'. Lol. Make more stuff.

Very funny

This is so cool. I especially liked the part where the guy does the zoom in. Make another, please!

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Oct 26, 2003
3:02 AM EST
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