Sonic fights: Knuckles

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ok, this is my first attempt at making a flash movie, i dont really think that it can be considered finished, but i thought i'd put it up to see what comments/advice i could get. oh, theres no sound for now.



I never had my speakers up so i never knew if it had sound or not so you know, but that was a pretty good sprite movie!, was that your first time????

encarsiaband responds:

thanks, yeh that was the first movie i've done, and i think it came together quite well. I'm going to be extending it, or perhaps making a new but similar one pretty soon.

Superior accomplishment

You've done your flash homework. You're the one who has the sense of detail, screen writing, and story boards. Again . . . Superior accomplishment.

encarsiaband responds:

wow, thanks alot man. i tried really hard making this movie, and didn't want to do tweening like most people. I hope that anything else that i do can impress you aswell, i aim to get better soon :)


I wanted Knuckles to win that, and I don't know why the last guy went, "SONIC SHOULD HAVE WON!" because he did win, and another thing: that needs sound, and Sonic needs a reason to attack Knuckles. other than that, VERY good flash movie.


a master piece 4 ur 1st 1 butt don't you think u should have put in a select a winner box and o yeah sound overall u got


very good for a first flash lots better than my first flash sound would have been nice but not needed overall very good job i liked it

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1.86 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2003
8:16 AM EDT
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