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Here it is folks. KYME the movie. It's packed up full of parodies and goths. so have fun and rememebr dont drink and drive without a hott chick in the back.
Update: ya its funny my reviews suck yet u voted it so high!


scary x_x

the gunshots scared the hell outta me lol. cuz the voices were so soft, when that person shot the gun iw as like zomg!!! ..it dind't even sound like a gun o.o... xD. Cute drawing style.


nice movie. not exactly my style of animation, but it was better then the trailer and it was good to watch too.

i loved it

that was wicked man that goth was cool with his wicked sword lol good job man!

what the bloody hell?

As much as i enjoy Family Guy, dont go stealing their stories and jokes and calling them your own. I smell a lawsuit, heads up. And you need to work on adding audio.

Soooo many jokes already made by.. NOT YOU!

Besides having no originality on this tripe it lacked any sense whatsoever. I'd be rather pleased if the writers of Family Guy decided to sue you over blatant copyright infringements. The sound levels were so poor I decided they probably wouldn't have added anything to it and would probably be better off muted.

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3.10 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2003
2:36 AM EDT
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