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Eskimo Bob 12: AD 2101

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here's a quick history on this movie. it was made almost a month ago (before the bad_crc movie) as basically a filler episode while we were finishing up eskimo bob z. since then, it's kind of spread around and it's now the most watched episode. i wasn't even planning to submit it here, but tom fulp just emailed me and asked me if i'd mind submitting it so i figured i'd give it a shot. enjoy! ^_-



All movies of Eskimo Bob are COOL, but i want another French Eskimo Bob episode. If u need to traduct im a Quebecker and i can help u. take my username and add an @ and hotmail.com and u will have my email written. Good Luck

Don't let the low scores discourage you

Don't let a relatively low score discourage you here. We all know that your movies are great, otherwise why would your site be nearing 20,000 hits? Newgrounds just has a sometimes fairly juvenile audience who need guns and blood in their movies to rate them highly; The humor behind Eskimo Bob is just a little too deep for them. Keep up the good work. I admit, I didn't think very much about Eskimo Bob at first, but it grew on me like the Ebola Virus and now I hit your site all of the time. Do more with the Walrus, for he is cool. :)

quite basic, but that's ok

nice title song...


Vomitous, as usual. I can easily see how you would have made this in 45 seconds using existing symbols and stolen dialogue. Your movies just keep getting worse and worse.

toma responds:

man, i told you this was filler crap i made a month ago, never said i put any work into it.

What the hell was that?

I didn't understand a word they were saying. Next time make the voices a little more clearer. Not bad for a beginner though.....oh wait...your not a beginner. *blush*

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3.47 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2001
1:07 PM EST
Comedy - Original