Kirby's Dreamland Part 1

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Thankyou all for supporting the movie. This movie gave me my first portal award, Daily 2nd Place! Yahooie!!! And on my birthday of all days. I really appreciate all the good comments I got. And as for everyone arguing that the one eyed friend of Kirby's name is Waddle Dee, well that is not his name. His name really is Waddle Doo. Go ahead and do a search on Google and see what character you come up with if you don't believe me. Thank you all very much for the good reviews and votes. Next episode may come soon... or not, possibly 2007.


that was DA BOME :D

this is going to get a good reputation on NG, plz get part 2 here fast, this is so good!

pretty good, pretty good

i rly liked the part with waddle doo "but i can't eat it! i don't evn have a mouth!"


I love it! It's so funny, and so well animated! I hated the Dedede scene, next episode add a scene selection thingie at the begining screen.

aww that was cool...

Hey dudes,

Dude that was fucking halarious

Everything else was kinda bad though but i still loved it...Hurry up and make the next one...


Hehe... Ketchup.....

Great movie! Good animation and I loved the zoom effect on the tower. Kirby was hilarious, too! Oh and BTW, just so you know, you might want to take the last review with a grain of salt. It's true that you may be able to slightly reduce file sizes with optimized vertices, but what really kills you is if it's imported from another program like Illustrator. This has to do with the fact that Illustrator and some other non-Macromedia products basically have more math to specify the same type of vertex curves that Flash does with less. This is straight from the Macromedia site, so don't just take my word for it. But, anyways.... sweet Flash, keep up the awesome work! ;)

Moh-Danath responds:

I particularily like the zoom effect myself. I wasn't sure how exactly I was going to show King Dedede's castle, but the idea of having it on one of the star's points just came to me suddenly. I appreciate the advice and I realize the file is pretty huge, but I did compressed it as much as possible without doing a complete overhaul of the movie. Thanks for the review.

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3.87 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2003
2:29 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 2nd Place October 25, 2003