Kirby's Dreamland Part 1

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Thankyou all for supporting the movie. This movie gave me my first portal award, Daily 2nd Place! Yahooie!!! And on my birthday of all days. I really appreciate all the good comments I got. And as for everyone arguing that the one eyed friend of Kirby's name is Waddle Dee, well that is not his name. His name really is Waddle Doo. Go ahead and do a search on Google and see what character you come up with if you don't believe me. Thank you all very much for the good reviews and votes. Next episode may come soon... or not, possibly 2007.


Kirby just got a lot meaner

But at least he's funny. Great stuff man, my friends loved it too.

It was worth the load!

Sheesh, it took longer to load then it takes to play the first game. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! I was hoping it was gong to be longer, but the size shows you put in lots of effort into what you got.


that was one of the most original takes on kirby since PerfectKirby, that RULED! the swearing made it that much funnier, also props on the well-timed KirbySuperStar SFX...bravo, make more!!

Man...I never knew Kirby was such a badass!

That was one of the greatest Kirby flash movies I've ever seen. I'm not sure if it compares to the Perfect Kirby movies (but my opinion could change if you continue this series), but this movie is definately one of my faves. Kirby ruled in this movie, seeing him treat the Waddle Doo and the Poppy Bros. like that was sweet.

King Dedede's voice was hilarious, and I love the humor you've put into this (where are my manners, I didn't share, that was a great line).

I am BEGGING you to continue this series, Kirby's darker side must be seen (he was pretty badass in Perfect Kirby, but this really makes him look badass)!

This definately deserves a place in the Kirby collection, and maybe even a place in the top 50. Congratulations on a superb movie, Kirby rocks! :)

Moh-Danath responds:

Ever since I played the first Kirby game I figured he would be smart mouthed bad ass. But as for the Perfect Kirby series, I really like them myself, but I thought I'd try and stick to Kirby's roots as much as possible with this movie (as well adding some humour of my own). And you mentioned one of my favorite lines, "Where are my manners?" That wasn't originally in the story board stage of this movie but I came up with it while I was animating the movie. Thanks for the review, and I agree, Kirby does rock!


That was hilarious man, keep it up!

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3.87 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2003
2:29 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 2nd Place October 25, 2003