Ray - Part 1

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Welcome to Ray part 1.

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never played it
but it's great
it even reminds me of south park

This is an adventure game that was inspired by South Park. It is funny and has a nice story. This classic is still entertaining today.

・Have Scene Selector on the Title screen.
・Has Many selections in the game.
・Stories are Nice.

・There is no subtitle, So sometimes I can't Understand what They're speaking.

nostalgic af


You go down to the local LiqUor store to buy some booze. On your way out you encounter a bum who appears to be some kind of war hero...

You -

A) Give him some cash (4)
B) Throw your bottle at his head (1)
C) Share the love! (2)
D) Ignore the parasite. You're too good for him! (3)

Got the booze. On your way back to your car you notice 2 guys standing behind you. They don't look very happy.

You -

A) Nice music you got goin there, I prefer Selwyn through, Isn't he cool? (4)
B) Get the hell out of there! (3)
C) Show them how Mr. 357 works. (1)
c.A) Let him go. He's learnt his lesson.
c.B) Waste him. Make sure he learns it.
D) You don't take that from anyone. (2)

On you way home you drive by a Pizza Parlour. You recognize a guy in the window, its that bastard who's been stalking your girlfriend. Time to teach this guy a lesson.

Choose your weapon to help the stalker understand you don't like him creeping up on your woman.

A) MP5SD Sub Machine Gun (2)
B) SPAS 12 Shotgun (1)
C) SIG 550 Sniper Rifle (4)
c.A) Open Casket
c.B) Closed Casket
D) Combat Knife (3)
D.A) Stealth

This guy knows where Michelle is. You must retrive this information from him. If you push him to hard and he dies, You've failed.

1º Smash him in the face
2º Fist + Face
3º Headache punch!
4º I won't ask again.

Interrogation Sucess

A) Better get going. (4)
B) Waste him (1)
C) Knock him out (2)
D) Piss on him and go (3)

This is the address you got from the Puerto rica. Michelle must be inside somewhere.

You -

A) Walk right up and blast'em (fail)
B) Climb a tree and Pick off the guards with a Rifle

You -

A) Snap his neck (1)
B) Knife him (2)
C) Knock him out (4)
D) Shoot him with the M4 (3)

1º Lunge at him
2º Ask him where Michelle is
3º Go in with the Deset Eagle/Go in with the M4

You -

A) Put a .357 through the roof (3)
B) Brake hard, then accelerate (2)
C) Slow down, he might get hurt! (4)
D) Open the sunroof and throw him under the tire (1)

You have 4 rounds left in the mag of you M4. You should use all 4 on one target. Select your target by moving the mouse over them and clicking. If you don't click one of the them in time, and the helicopter gets too close, you die.

A) Kill the Pilot (1)
B) Kill the Sniper (2)

She's still out cold, the cars trashed so you'll have to carry her back. The Police will probably be here soon, so any transportation that comes by should be taken.

You've beek walking for hours, screw walking the rest of the way. The next thing that comes past will have to do.

You -

A) Put a bullet on him. Take the bike (3)
B) Ask him to get off (4)
C) Beat him with his helmet (2)
D) See if he can walk with a knife in his eye (1)

Rank 8 - 12: Serial Killer
Rank 13 - 20: Pretty Cool Guy
Rank 21 - 26: Faggot
Rank 27 - 30: Fucking Fairy

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4.69 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2003
12:34 PM EDT
Adventure - Other
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