A Tribute To Veterans

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Created By: Eric Viviano

This was not created by me, (TvP), but my brother. I submitted it because he doesn't go on NewGrounds.


Stop right now

Hey man stop, this site is for reviewing the movie not for political arguments, back off, if you dont do it its probable that a mod would ban you. The same goes for everybody that does the same.
NOW: About the film i think its Good ;) (despite of political measures)

i hate liberals

fuck anyone who doesnt love america. those who dont belive it was correct to go into iraq tell it to the hundreds of thousands of iraquis who were put through plastic shredders, gassed, beaten, and killed by Saddam (fuck him to)
to you canadian ass holes who dont believe that what the US government is doing in iraq is right the only reason you are not attacked it that you sit there with your heads up your asses knowing that we will save you if need be.
fuck you Cloud_69, BuzFortuna, GeorgetteBush, ChestRockwell, Psyccopenguin, KillerBorf, and any other mother fucker who doesnt like america.

thank you

My brother served in the Marines and was stationed in Falluja Iraq (hell). When he was there he never killed any babies, civillians, or puppies. he did his job and did it with pride. It is nice to see some Americans who are not afraid to be patriots.

All veterans (american and allies) are heros. Terrorists deserve painfull deaths. As long as there is breath in my lungs I will support the U.S.A and her millitary! Semper Fi!

TvP responds:

I agree with you.

Good Job

That wasnt flash, but it was still good. Really stired the emotions! Now, to the man who rants on Canada.. Its just cause canada sucks! LOL no, its just that well yes Canada sent alot of men, but alot of their men came back home, becuase they wouldnt fight ont eh front lines. In Vietnam, 500,000 Americans where there
Canadians, i believe it was around 5k.. How many got killed? Around i believe the number was 250. get off the ice man, warm your ass up, and pay attention! Canada, is cool. Great Flash, *does best salute* bush propeganda? how is the vietnam war bush prop.? i owno, just anything to rant i guess. great job man

TvP responds:

Couldn't say it better myself. Thanks.


good job. i agree. good reference pics of vietnam and the memorial. nice, dude. it's about time we got somethin besides porn and other crap on here. wholesome.

TvP responds:

Thanks, I appreciate a good review from a good person!

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2.61 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2003
10:44 PM EDT
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