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I'm having more fun responding to these reviews than I've had in a while :) Anyway, READ THE FOLLOWING BECAUSE IT'S IMPORTANT: Game instructions are linked in the preloader, and the "?" button in-game links you to the FAQ. The game defaults to "AUTO QUALITY." If it is running slow for you (ie. Slower than a NORMAL ROLE PLAYING GAME), which it will for slow computers, the quality can be toggled with the Q button, and the FAQ will provide alternate solutions including a version with adjustable size! If you still complain about speed or don't know what to do in the game after that, I feel sorry for you.

In a month or so, the Arrogancy RPG/Action/Dating Sim/Shooting/Strategy game will be released. We decided to cut out two blocks of the rather gigantic game as we were working on it to use as a demo of sorts. The full game is as plot heavy as most console RPGs and as diverse as possible. These blocks contain just a few things you can do, and not nearly all of the things you can do, even in that area.



I gave it 5....becuase it was really slow on my computer...and it wasn't anything too interesting to start off with....
I dunno, People may like it. but i don't. =shrugs=

It's Ok.

It's ok but the graphics..I've seen better. but it's a good idea.

arrogancy responds:

This is serious question - where have you seen better graphics in a Flash game (that is not 3D/polygonal)? I've never seen anything with this mix of amount of original art/depth, parallax scrolling, etc. Email me and let me know - I want to check it out.


I liked it, for'a demo.
Funny, well done, old game characters wandering the streets.

Good schuff.


Nice work. Keep it up, I want to see the full version. (And I usually hate demos)

The real things going 2 be AWESOME!

I kept playing the demo over and over,I can imagine what the real game will be like if the demo is addicting!Great job,keep up the great work!

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3.70 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2003
9:07 PM EDT