Dr. Shroud in: La Maudite

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This episode marks the first in a three-part series of Dr. Shroud in: "La Maudite: The Damned". It is the most animated of Dr. Shroud episodes yet and features Doc taking on some pretty strange stuff. If you liked "Alley of the Dolls", then you're in for a nice ride. At DrShroud.com, you can vote what happens next!!


Great animation & a good start 2 another series!!!

The animation was good and the sound great. Loved the blurring of focus once they fell through the floor, very good character effect to create a realistic camera appereance. Liked it all round and found it very enjoyable. Don't want to wait for the next episode but gladly will. Make it soon!

Great work!

Awesome artwork, and great character design! Could use some work on the animation, but that's all! Next time, work an extra week on it and smooth it out a bit and you'll earn yourself a 10.

Nice drawings.

Nice atmosphere, maybe a little slow.

Did we have to see the vamporizer clunking up the steps? And that board looked wrong as it fell: way too compressed. Good overall.

Very much styled like comics.

The art is excellent and it seems to me that you've been either inspired by or come frome a comic artist's background.

The animation is slightly less professional, as the images sometimes remain static when moving, causing them to look slightly unnatural and the perspective is occasionally messed up (specially with the plank of wood that falls on the old guy's head).

The music is excellent at creating the mood of a B-movie and is well places, although it's maybe slightly too loud at times.

The plot seems intriguing, but there's just not enough explanation given as to what's going on for my liking.

After watching it through 2x, I still don't really understand much of it... maybe that's the point - that the questions remain to be answered - but I would like to know a bit more about the doctor or his motives so I could connect with him a bit more.

Overall it's a highly individualistic piece done in a style I don't often see. The story may not have been one of my favourites, but if I see another Dr. Shroud episode, I'll definitely watch it.

I'm now off to see some more of your work. :)

Shoot the innkeeper next.

For giving him the key to a room with some old dude in it. Is this set at a bathhouse? Graphics are good. Actually forget the innkeeper. Since the ghosts did all that shit the cops are gonna blame the fruit in the green suit anyway. Have him shoot it out with the cops , take a few out and then die himself so there's no part three. Start anew guys. If you wanted us to decide you should've put some choices at least.

THC Ya Later,
Peace Nick Mann

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3.82 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2003
3:24 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 21, 2003