Dr. Shroud in: La Maudite

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This episode marks the first in a three-part series of Dr. Shroud in: "La Maudite: The Damned". It is the most animated of Dr. Shroud episodes yet and features Doc taking on some pretty strange stuff. If you liked "Alley of the Dolls", then you're in for a nice ride. At DrShroud.com, you can vote what happens next!!



It's good, and quite original...but seems like I've seen it all before, and I don't mean in my head. I really like your series, the animation is excellent, and the bizarre style is awsome. The plot, as intriguing as it is, however, is kind of hard to follow. I'm guessing that he is the boy who was kidnapped and taken away? I dunno. But still, most excellent. Keep up the good work.

Good Start indeed

I especially liked how you try different profiles and perspectives with flash. Good stuff there. and the multiple personalities im guessing he had? That was pretty sweet, it was processing in his brain aha.

Good start to the series

I see a big improvement since the other series but I preferred the black and white style..... Still, good job. Also nice storm effects and it has much better animation like you said.

how come?

this and the last are not in the dr shroud collection on the collections page?

robfeldman responds:

I think Wade hasn't updated it yet. I think it's on the way. :)


Good evilish flash

This is some very good looking stuff, the graphical style was great! Very unique.
I loved the shadowy nature of everything, it added to the realish atmosphere to the film which is very rare nowadays.
This is helped somewhat by the sounds which added a lot, the sounds were superb! Another thing that frequently doesn't happen.
A decent amount of violence, and the beginnings of a good plotline for future episodes.

Excellent stuff.

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3.82 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2003
3:24 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 21, 2003