Dr. Shroud in: La Maudite

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This episode marks the first in a three-part series of Dr. Shroud in: "La Maudite: The Damned". It is the most animated of Dr. Shroud episodes yet and features Doc taking on some pretty strange stuff. If you liked "Alley of the Dolls", then you're in for a nice ride. At DrShroud.com, you can vote what happens next!!


What shall Doctor Shroud do next?

Eat shit and die...Please. ^_^

Dune Crescent. =)

robfeldman responds:


very good!


Great Artwork, try being a little more original

That was a great movie graphically and time-wise, but it needs more originality. You need to spend an hour or two more on the sound. You also need to sit down and think over your plot. Its ok but, yeah, you need a backstory badly. I can tell from the movie that the main character is searching for his daughter but, why there and, why that room and, what is the main charachers relationship with the old man? It was a good movie compared to many I have viewed, but it would be a great movie only if the plot were better and maybe if you thought of some other way to capture or kill ghosts or w/e. That is a little too Ghostbusters...

robfeldman responds:

If I told you all of that in the beginning, there would be no room for parts 2 and 3, as intended.

Thanks for the advice. Heh.

you need a screen writer.

i agree with the others... the art is great. In both style and execution. the sound editing.?.. not so great. also, the plot is way too obtuse. back story please. aside from the exceptional artwork, this flash really didn't pique my interest all that much.
By the way... ghostbusters???? i don't know reviewers... i don't see the similarities at all. and i grew up on ghostbusters shit. i have the cereal to prove it.


Dude what was that that one sucked at least in the second one make him have like flash backs to make us see what the plot of the story was besides that doc dude finding his daughter plus that vacume thing was really gay it was a rip off of the ghostbusters thing sorry plus blankittyblank you need to learn how to spell ghost!!

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Oct 20, 2003
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