Robotech Director's Cut 5

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It's back. The next sequel to the Flash movie that got me recognized on Newgrounds by
famous artists like synj, AvacadoClock and TutiTV is finally back. In this installment,
I have included a feature and commercial for the Macross Saga, a commercial for
the Masters Saga and a feature and commercial for the New Generation Saga. Both the
features also have the option of French audio. Enjoy, laugh and leave a review.

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Robotech rules. Make more of these and never stop. :)


I just love Robotech, the first i mean. the macross saga ^^
Make one more please ?


I just watched all 5 of yer robotech DC editions, they were all pretty good. I loved the Invid peeking in the bath house lol!


not quite as funny as the first four but still- well you know (hilarious)

The same goes for all of the RBDx Series

F**king Hilarious! I think that the way that the original audio has been manipulated to make the humour of the animations work to be very original, and the bad artwork only makes the animation look like it has been worked on without the use of any photo-merging. Good Work! :)