Rammer - tutorial (old)

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i hope this helps for u all who wanted to make games like rammer - fighter and killer. this is my first tutorial...and i explained the best i could. plz review!

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I have wanted to make a video game for so long (wanna be part of a video game making team) and now I can practice at it, thank you so much, Ima add this to my favorites because I cant work at it here at my mom's house.

Rammer responds:

sorry for not responding faster.

good luck with your game. email me if you finish, mmkay?


You know what? It's people like you that make flash beginners have an easier time at getting the ball rolling. I haven't even messed with flash or any animations like this yet but because of this I think I'm going to have to try it out. I can tell that this is going to be helpful.

Good job.

Rammer responds:

heh, thanks. wow, didnt i submit this in like, 2003? its still getting reviews? crazy.

i find it odd that you are reviewing none of my good submissions, especially ones that are up for deletion (which will most likely never happen \: )

thanks. care to email me and tell me if you plan to submit this?

oh, and also, i recommend you play Particle Stuff :P my best game that's been submitted.

I liked it

What I like about this is it shows how you can go about making something like you do. in soem decent detail. Soudn could be a ltittle better. STill you gave soem good information overall.

Rammer responds:

the redone tutorial is better than this one. the sound SUCKS in THIS tutorial.

thanks (:

This is awesome

i think you should make guns in your movies but these are really cool and i love that solo guitar in the back ground could you tell me who it was?

Rammer responds:

im not really a good drawer, but i try to do guns. the music was on flashkit. i think its stupid, though.

Good tutorial

This shows you how to do a couple of things in pretty good detail.
Tutorials are always good, and this one isn't that bad.
The text was a little small, but that isnt a major problem.
The sound loop was kind of annoying, but I guess it's better then no sound loop at all!
It's alright, nothing to WOW about, but it's 3/5 worthy.

Rammer responds:

hmm, i recognize u from somewhere...anyway, this one is horrible in my opinion. the redone version is so much better. the text is bigger, the code is copyable, and the loop isnt as annoying (: thanks!

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3.57 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2003
5:00 PM EDT