A Legend: The Mourner 3

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The third and final installment of my first Flash movie series, "The Mourner." This time he really kicks some @$$. Enjoy!


kk that was good...

ive watched a load of you work and im afraid i must agree with the former review thou your works have a decent plot and a good storyline, they lack time that it takes to do a good animation. add some time to the work and we might just have a show worthy of a good anime worth maby of full time anime and a bit more work and maby a good tv show

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Read my review.. Think... Makes sense right?

First things first. To all the members who give mediocre animations like this such high praise is just doing one thing. You are distroying Newgrounds. I mean this should not be a place where a 12 year old with a computer and an illegal copy of flash which he/she downloaded from kazza to get there feet wet in the animation seen. Those animations should have a whole different section for themselves, like it was a rough sketch or practice of sorts. DO NOT Fill there minds with such unworthy praise. I mean trust me.. David Firth didn’t start off with everything he made with such INCREADABLE PRAISE. Be realistic, tell them what your really think of this lower than sub-standard animations. Thank you for keeping New Grounds from being a COMPLETE joke in the internet animation community.

On to the real review:

Venomous Criticism Corner:
Very limuted color pallette: This toon looks like it was made with the DOS 256 color graphics mode limitation in mind, no gradients, shadows or anything. Very Boring to look at and the characters move as fluid as a does a cat across the floor after you blugon it a few times over the head with a rolling pin. Not so fluid at all, I don’t even know if you COULD call this animation, because of the lack of so many frames. I really think the number of “true” frames in this animation is under 15 total for the whole movie.

Boring character design: Same rediculously badly drawn japanese anime style characters, Ever thought of coming up with a style of your own? I mean like one you could be reconized by instead of looking like the Billion other talentless hacks out there that cant draw anything outside of a No Need For Tenchi rippoff? I mean David Firth is pretty much famouse for his style already and its not even a pretty style, or a good looking one for that mater.. its ugly and effective. Just the way I like his animations. He doesn’t try to be anyone else. He does what he wants and it MOSTLY comes out great. Try to be different instaid of being a clone or freaking give up… Please.

Boring/Substanceless storyline:
No sense what so ever in this movie, its like less then freakin’ 30 seconds long.. I mean I have seen embaressing hemroid cream tv commercials longer and with more substance than this “animation”. And you say this is the 3rd and last in this series? You don’t say?… really.. wonder why.

Constructive Criticism Corner:
You know how to use flash and obviously have access to a copy (thanks to Kazza or another p2p program) so just learn the basics on how to make effects.. Just make a few animations that has NOTHING to do with story or depth and ONLY to do with displaying your artistic talent, like a effects flash.. But PLEASE stay away from the whole “stick man” thing.. we don’t need anymore of those animations. MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL IS DEDICATION TO YOUR ART, WITH OUT TAKING THE TIME YOU WILL NEVER EVER EVER GO ANYWHERE. EVER! SO PUT AWAY THE TIME AND PRACTICE, You look like you need it.


Holy Shit! He just shoved his hand through that guys chest!!!

That was a pretty cool scene. But the whole thing was kinda short and there was no real point. It was neat and all, but like the other two it was lacking...Seemed like you did this in your spare time...like the 5 minutes you got before having to leave to catch a moive kinda spare time.

overall it wasnt too bad.

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This, like so many of your movies, is amazing. I cannot express in word or thoughts the wonder of this.

My final verdict of your series.

Awesome, just awesome. It may be somewhat sketchy animation and such, but I enjoyed it ALOT. The storyline in it kinda makes up for that in full. Not to mention I'm a fan of anime-esque graphics and such, and that's what it amounts to. Music is awesome, Great remixes. Everything just added to it's goodness, cause I'm a sucker for stuff like that. Anyways, I conclude my review on the series with "Great job, keep up the good work."

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3.99 / 5.00

May 22, 2000
7:29 PM EDT