Genryu's Blade DVD

October 17, 2003 –
March 14, 2004
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Update to Questions:

1. I'm a not studio. I'm just one guy. The people that help me did the voices and gave me more ideas for the story and script.

2. The plot is a lot deeper than you see in this film, I could only tell so much in 6 minutes (movie runtime). The sequel will explain more of his past.

3. I made this movie for people like you and like me. I made something I wanted to see done (in flash). This is for YOUR entertainment. No one pays me to do this, it’s a hobby and something I love to do.

4. It does not matter if I am in the top 50 or not, just as long as YOU enjoy this film and the upcoming sequel I will be happy with just that. It’s you the fans that motivate me to animate my films and to entertain you all - (I read All the reviews and it nearly put tears in my eyes, I’m glad you liked it.).

5. Tell your friends Genryu’s Blade is on Newgrounds now, & not on ShockAnime.com anymore. I can’t tell everyone.

6. Questions about Movie info:
*6 months to complete (2 months of planning, 4 months to animate)
*12 frames per second mostly frame-by-frame (tweening only at beginning)
* Made in 2000-2001

Thanks for viewing, and thanks for giving me more motivation for the Sequel.

Update to popular e-mail questions;

I worked on this film on the weekends, for about 6 months for about 6 hours a day.
I would have done more and made it longer but at the time I had a crappy computer "400 mhz" with a 6 gig hard drive, and only 32 Megs of ram. So I only could do so much before the computer would freeze up. As for Voice actors… well maybe I will have better ones for the sequel.

Also I don't think anyone realizes, but this is in fact my first flash movie, that's why it is animated better at the end then it is at the beginning. It was a learning process. I learned thru trial and error.

- Genryu's Blade 2 does not have an official release date and I'm not sure how late in 2004 when it will be available, I do know it will take a while to complete because everyone wants it longer and better than the first.

Once Again I thank everyone for the feedback and encouragement.


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4.20 / 5.00