Super Suikoden 2 - Part 2

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This is Super Suikoden 2 - Part 2. You should watch the first part first so you will know whats going.


Epicly Underrated

About a year ago I wrote a review on the first one saying it was hilarious but the animation was poor.
Well, sprites aren't top of the line. But I've learned how time consuming flash animation has become (I got a hold of a copy of Adobe Flash Maker CS3). So I can appreciate these more.
Suikoden is one of my 3 favorite video game series and I managed to buy them all, excluding, of course, the japanese remakes and card stories. So I can really appreacite this. I wish there were more flash videos of Suikoden. Hopefully if I get better I can make some. And I'm glad one of the few - if not only, was a good one that made me laugh.
Despite what people say about the gay jokes and everything else, I think you did an awesome job!

It got better

This is better than the first one. I love how you put in the MK music and killed Gengan. I hate that mutt.

Good one

This is awesome. I love the insanity, it reminds me of myself. Kudos!


Huh... Freed Y was married, so I dont think he is gay, and by the way... WHY DID YOU PUT CLIVE AS A BAD GUY?!?!?!?! CLIVE IS THE MOST AWESOME GUY IN ALL THE GAME!!!! And, a coincidence: "The Dragoons", it was th name of my army when I played... Ah, memories... beat up Luca Blight... die for a giant rat in the sewers... ask for a guy I have never met before to join my army, and he join just because I put a baby bird in its nest...

Hell-Fire responds:

Yeah, suikoden 4 is coming out soon. That should be good. And I know a lot of people who called there castle and army the "dragoons" aswell. As for Clive, I never really liked him and just thought he looked evil. And yes, I know Freed Y isnt gay

not bad

yo this is covert.(lol u alredy knew that)
once again nice work adn could u email em these soundtracks if its possible? thnx

Hell-Fire responds:

once again I cannot because 1...i dont know your email and 2, it would take too long to send on my modem and i dont even know if hotmail will do it. Thanks for review

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3.48 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2003
11:48 AM EDT
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