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codname: adriana preview

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This is just a little teaser for my new project and first series...

Now to answer people's questions...
I am not going to ruin by showing you the actual animation from episode 1. This is only a little introduction to the character. I might upload a gun fight scene... MAYBE! The animation style is that based upon Anime cartoons... and yes the graphics will remain the same. I'm estamating Episode 1 will be out in about 2 weeks provided that my schedule stays open...



Pretty good!

Yeah,im looking forward to this one,it looks like it could be something,keep up teh good work!


Choppy Pans

I didn't find the lingering pan of the gun half as interesting as the pan of the woman.

If you want to make a comparison of a gun being as sleek and sexy as a girl, you should have put more detail into the gun.

Longer pans would have been better too. Cutting back and forth just made it repetitive. Let's face it, there are several points on a woman's body where viewer interest peaks as the camera slides by. But not many on a gun.

You could have put a lipstick mark (apparently the series trademark) on the barrel of the gun. That would have raised a few eyebrows and increased the sexual implications you seemed to be pursuing.


women never look like that or do cool stuff like shoot people...

Splendid graphics...

But not much too it. Very short, nothing did happen, It was only a pointless preview witch you saw that chick. I don't know maybe next time meke it more intense, like shooting...

If you have keep these graphics to the series and make a decent plot to it.. you might acctually have something.

well well well....another parody

this one is gonna be pretty good if you ask me !
make the first part SOON !!

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3.21 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2003
2:05 AM EDT
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