Orange ted and friends

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Not too bad

I thought this certainly had its good points. It might not be something that I would recommendable, because there were many flaws. I guess I didn't like it how it was so short. This reminded me of the characters Fluffy and Uranus from the cartoon "Duckman". It was pretty sweet to see these teddy bears being so awesome. Hey, maybe that's why I thought ROTJ was the best in the Star Wars series. It also seemed a bit too wide.

I thought this was a game at first, because it seemed like there was too much empty space. I think my favorite part is when the wall starts collapsing. I was in no way expecting there to be so many more of those teddy bears on the way. Blood and swords make everything cooler. The music was pretty good, but could have been a bit more clear.


I liked it but didn't love it. It was actually funny in parts and then in other parts the walking stopped and nothing happened, but overall it was ok, and that's it

Ironic don't you think?

I see you made an attempt to make a big action scene, which you did very well, the characters were well drawn and the action was pretty good. Ahh yes, if there is no peace and love, make it by killing everyone and then it will be peaceful. The animation was good and smooth except fot the walking which seemed a little slow and choppy. If this were a little longer and if the background was better it would be awesome.


like others have said it is alot like Madness... but with that aside this was very good, and very humorous.

and those teddys can bleed with the best of them well done!!

Great animation.

Yeah,the animation was good,the music was good and it was really original too.Btw,and funny as hell.

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3.19 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2003
10:43 AM EDT
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