Trunks Movie - Part 2

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Thanks: renegade81, you've opened my eyes, and I will make another episode... although it will take a while cause I wanna relax for a bit, so I won't be working on it for a while, altough I am going to work on some other cool flash movies, so stay tuned!

Quote from reviewer: "The lip-synching is off in some places" - This is my style, I did this on purpose...

Even though I traced it, it's still alot of work, and hard to do, plus the animations and the sounds... (the sounds don't always colide with the animations you know, when you use a BIG MP3, sure it does seem so on your Hard Disc, but try to upload it on Newgrounds, I've edited the movie for about 13 times!, so if you watched it the first time, please watch it now again, it's different. And in Flash MX I used: the LIne Tool, The Pencil Tool, and the Paint Bucket Tool.

Please note that I've focused on the graphics and not just the storyline alone, well, It doesn't have a good storyline at all.

also, Part 2 was really quick completed since this one was already half done, so I think that Part 3 will be on within this week. (Don't sue me if it's not)

well, I hope you enjoy part 2, and please do wait for Part 3.

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not bad..................

i give it a four cause i love trunks


Nice movie. I agree with renegade81. Make more. Only, next time you make them, spend a little more time tracing. The movie already got good ratings, and it'll get better if your movie gets better. Also, to get better scoring, make a longer movie. I know it's hard because you can't find the pictures of every single second in the show, but try anyways. One more thing. If you sinc the words (I know you do it on purpose), it will help. All in all, a great movie.


Hey dont get mad about what other cock suckers say just do your own thing and dont worry about it and you should at least make one more episode and finish it with that one

Im not really sure what your going for here?

The animation was good. But what the heck is the story about. And why at the end was that guy crapping pennies and a huge marshmallow?


Tracing isn't hard...You could trace in MS-Paint and and make it look somewhat-vaugely decent....and the only real animation there was was the mouths and a few rocks.

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3.00 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2003
12:13 PM EDT
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