Magic Animal Babies

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Wellsir, thanks to the voters both here, fark.com, and elsewhere, this toon won me a $6000 home bar prize pack from the Magic Hat beer company in Vermont, USA. It's already pulled from their website, so I'll stick it up the almighty duodenum of the Portal for ya instead.

This toon isn't strictly part of the Retarded Animal Babies series (it certainly isn't RAB6!). Rather, it's a harmless little tangential mutant, suitable for all audiences. A lost lamb. More to the point, it's a poker-faced sellout. I knew the word 'retard' wasn't going to be within 100 miles of a winning prize, so it was changed to Magic (after the beer itself, of course) for the contest entry. Similarly, if in the future these characters ever show up it more public (read: lucrative) forums than here at Newgrounds, it's probably gonna be so watered-down you'll call me a big, fat, fat pussy. So this one's a taste of that, and regardless I'm proud of the result. And I hope you don't mind it too much either.

Blah, blah, blah. Let's see how talkative I am after I wake up under that crazy bar with day-old vomit crusted on my forehead every so often for a few years.


I liked it

I liked RAB better, maybe it was all the swearing and stuff :) but this one is good, i liked it too, just not as much as RAB


all i can say is magic animal babies need more humor to it.



Haha Hilarious

Haha good one. It's stupid, but so damn funny. Hahaha I'm still laughing. Keep it up my friend.

dude, i mean, its good, but its not RAB

i fully understand everything you did in this video, like the name change, the lack of cussing and boobs. Its all good, and it defently won j00 that bar. (god damn i want one, i kno im 16 but still...) But just because its retarded animal babies, and just because its the almighty Dave doesnt mean i hafta vote 10. So i wont. This should not be as highly rated as it is right now. Its better than 9/10ths of the animations in the portal right now, but just because its retarded animal babies doesnt mean i hafta vote 5. Its a flavor of the week. Your better animations should be higher than this, and in one week, they will be.

Still, even though im coming off negitive, its very good. its creative, you did their product justice. never heard of a magic beer company though... eh'. I loved how you threw in cats step father. I mean, this still probally would have been better with a dragon made entirely out of boobs, but ya had ta win the contest. and you did, and you should have. Hell, i dont care if you sell out to get a home bar. Who wouldn't!

Anyway, after you finish destroyin ya liver, wake your drunk ass up with some dark coffie and get your mullet back to work on retarded animal babies 6! I wanna see them too the christmas story!! OMG i wanna see it! Haha

Oh and save me a cold one.

naw im just kidding.


ok im shutting up...

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3.71 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2003
12:51 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 2nd Place October 14, 2003
  • Weekly 4th Place October 15, 2003