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Mario Vs Sonic (HR)

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This is for the Mario Vs Sonic Contest, Randy Solem from www.videogamedc.com supplied a .fla with all of his Sprites at his forum from his Movie "Sonic Vs Mario (VGDC)" Please tell me what you think of it in the reviews! Ill be sure to respond! Thanks!
EDIT: man im stupid i forgot to say from where this left off, on the original Mario vs sonic (vgdc) they are about to have that cold one, so then mario flys sonic to get there faster, but mario accidently falls.


sonic dawg he is the chosen one

sonic kicks ass why??

let me fill you guys in!

1: he can become supersonic
that stupid ass plumber can only become bigger(boring)

2:sonic looks soooo much cooler
mario's got a friggin mustache!!

3:sonic's sidekicks have all unique abillety's
luigi is just a green version of mario

It was really dumb

it wasnt too cool what were you thinking it was like a huge rise of the MK2 rip-off with sonicas the enemy BLAM!

Cream-E responds:

Your right this WAS a total rip off! (acting sarcastic if you did not know)


This wasnt all that good, The other one was a little better. Sorry but i cant give this one that great of a review.

Good, but sigh...

I'll give this a good review because it was well made, but for cripe's sake, aren't there enough Mario animations on Newgrounds? Beeee original.

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Dude, that was by far your best movie yet!! Keep makin more and eventually you shall be greater than VGDC!!! BTW, I cant wait till super robbery brothers :)

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3.37 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2003
10:07 PM EDT