Trapped 4

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Go play Trapped 5 after you play this!

UPDATE: 1/11/04
Trapped 5 is looking great!
If anyone has any ideas for it review this game!

RED KEY:push the 3 block into the slots in the walls!

arrows: move
m: menu/pause
z: use bomb - to kill enemies
a: action key; used when on top of blue or red circles or in front of certain objects to see what it is.



This game was great. It does what almost no other flash game does
(well, not to me at least): It kept me at my chair trying to beat it, pretty much glued to the screen. Great job. However, the music gets kind of annoying after a while.

Very Good

Worthy of a 5, congragulations. Nice.

incredibly fun

this is one of the best games I have ever played, blending puzzle elements with action perfectly, very challenging in some parts. My only wish is for some kind of save or password feature, the game is quite long and frustrating if you die.

Loved it

great game, but needs one thing...length. though it is fun and addicting. just needed to be longer. its like i didnt want it to end. and oh yeah i beat it in 8:49..YE now beat that!

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This was good, but it was kinda a rip of a game called chips challange, which was nearly the same as this only, no bosses, or carriable bombs, and many things looked different. still this was great and so you get a 5 :). oh glorious chips challange... I'd spend hours and hours playing that game... :)

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3.85 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2003
5:21 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other