Trapped 4

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Go play Trapped 5 after you play this!

UPDATE: 1/11/04
Trapped 5 is looking great!
If anyone has any ideas for it review this game!

RED KEY:push the 3 block into the slots in the walls!

arrows: move
m: menu/pause
z: use bomb - to kill enemies
a: action key; used when on top of blue or red circles or in front of certain objects to see what it is.



this was a great game
time 49.75
enemies killed 100%
rooms visited 100 %
lives used 46
Rank C


ok....dint get that at all!!! what did you have to do..and i dint know what you meant, what flippin key!!! :S


I wouldve beat it but i got caught bettween a rainbow spinny thing and a bomb and died!!! ;.;


Love it.

This is a cool game and ive been able to beat all of them except this one. For some odd reason everytime I go to the giant purple star, one of the tinier ones well hit me (I know I must kill them) and I wont be able to move, get out the map, or lay bombs. I just sit their spining and flashing red and the weirdest pert of it all is that my health meater doesnt go down. Overall It was really cool.

Finally, a real challenge

This is the first Trapped that I liked the most so far. It's really long which makes it challenging. Plus, there's now a buttload of challenges for you to beat, such as your shadow (yellow guy)
Hint: He won't go down if the turret fires at him. Only you will get hit. You need to think of some way to place him near one of your bombs

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3.85 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2003
5:21 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other