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A light and fluffy clip for all you stressed out NG users to relax with.



The most relaxing portal entry ever. I can sit and listen to the music for hours,

Nicely done

I felt compelled to comment esp. after reading gahz's review,.. This is a nice cartoon,... I enjoyed it,... not the best flash I've ever seen, but nice any way... now as for you gahz, you're 13 year's old, when you've gone through puberty, and have some hair on your nuts,... maybe you could comment like this, in the mean time just keep jacking off to britney spear's,... and pay attention in school,... you misspell worse than I do...

Great,I loved it...

It was really good to see such a different movie on NG. Simple but superb idea, I loved the music. Graphics good, clouds were a bit wooden, but wish I could do as well.Very relaxing!I think you were brave to put this up on NG, nice & different from slash & guts.

Nice Work

I like what shaggster said about this one being relaxing, because it is. Not every flash movie on Newgrounds has to be or should be about sex, blood and gore. Unfortunately, too many people think that's what it's all about. And even more unfortunate for them, they are unable to appreciate some of the finer works of art that make their way onto NG. This is definitely one of them. Keep up the good work, switters.

Great Beginning

I look forward to more stuff from ya as you get more adept with Flash!

(PS, going with what Pontifex said, just remember this: Ghaz gave 'Who let the dogs out' (flash animation which consists entirely of a dog screwing a woman with a britney spears face photoshoped on) a 10, so don't feel discouraged by reviewers like him)

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3.51 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2001
11:54 PM EST
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