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A light and fluffy clip for all you stressed out NG users to relax with.


You mean this isn't the preloader...

I feel like i just listened to Moby for 72 hours with some scattered Morrisey for extra suicidal tendencies... Wow... I am alomost at a loss for words, but I can say that this was trite, simplistic and overall crappy. On the upside I have contacted the people from "Days of our Lives"
and they're interested in using it as a segue (thats "seg-way" for our non litterate brethren out there.)

MrMyers responds:

If you think that was trite, simplistic and crapy you should see my first movie Frosty. Thanks for the Days.. referal I could use the work.
Cheers, Switters

Good Job!!!

Great job with this one,I mean the music touched me in a certain way, and the art symbolized new life and things coming to an end. Now I can truly say I have a reason to kill myself. this sucked ass!!!

arg! no violence? is this worthy for NG?

the lack of violence, humor, interactivity and any actual plot let you down

not bad... boring, but i must recognize the effort

You put some effort into this flash and it shows.
I did not like the style and i found it to be very boring... not something for those who are looking for something new, exciting, and funny.
But I have to admit you done some nice work here. I'm giving you a 3. not bad considering what i give to most entries.

like you were afraid of, I was bored

It was a decent job but I was just very bored by it, I've scene plenty of serious animations that were interesting, this is just not one of them, sorry.....

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3.51 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2001
11:54 PM EST
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