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A light and fluffy clip for all you stressed out NG users to relax with.


Oh no!

This is beautiful but it's BORING, not even funny... This is the kind of things my gandma likes! You can make very good things but this is boring...

True art

This is the kind of stuff that was meant to be on Newgrounds. Not the kind of crap that circulates. There is some good stuff but you don't need violence to be a good movie (I gave you 1 in violence cause the snowman died :) This movie has feeling to it, it is enjoyable to just sit back, relax, and watch.
Nice work

Another masterpiece

First, I'd like to ay to those who belive Newgrounds is all about violence and crude sexual humor, I disagree. Be it as it is, there is a lot of that, but it is rare that we see such beauty, emotion, and artistic genius in a flash work. Therefore, to the creator or this, I urge you to continue making beatiful flash like this. Another word of caution: DO NOT WATCH THIS WHILE DRUNK OR DEPRESSED; THE BEAUTY MIGHT HAVE YOU SOBBING LIKE BIG BEN'S SHOWER PAL!


As "Violet-AIM" said, they music was beatiful, emotional and unexpected. Id like to see what else you cant do..But overall this is a damn good movie, a nice change from the "norm" on newgrounds

this is good

Well, this is much improved from your first movie (Frosty). The music was beautiful, emotional, and unexpected (unlike most songs on NG). Things I liked were...the snowflakes, clouds moving by, and color changing. The continuous playback works for this movie since it's about the seasons. Personally, I think the remains (carrots/coals) should remain after the snow melted, then deteriorating gradually....but then again, it could've melted along with the water...it's your movie anyhow. Oh, and try to do a preloader, it helps. Good job, and keep making flash!

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3.51 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2001
11:54 PM EST
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