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Update 22.10: "Glacius" made a sequel to this: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=130462

Update 11.10: We've noticed that seems that the movie doesn't load when you open it, but it loads, trust the NG-preloader. Wait patiently and the play-button should appear there. ;)

J.A.S.F= Just Another Stick Fight

My friend made this, but I did the crappy techno you hear in the beginning of the movie. He gave me the permission to submit this, because he doesn't have a NG account or an E-mail. I'm going to make a movie of my own someday... maybe ^_^

Without my help, the movie wouldn't probably never been submitted here. I compressed the audio and adviced him to keep the movie size low. Still the movie size turned out to be a little high. Sorry, but we did out best to compress it.

His comments:
"I used 2 weeks to create this. If I had a computer of my own, It would've been done in matter of days. It's my first actual animation. Enjoy!"


that was intresting

not bad but you should try somthin like leaving the blood there or somethin


Awsome good choise of music. I love stick fighthing things specialy Xiao Xiao kinda stuff it would be neet if you would add a few slomo things and make it a bit smoother in the beggining.. if you do that ... then youre masterpiece is complete ^_^ Great job ^_^

i starting to think you should make more of these

got nothing more to say

very cool...i envy your skills

Very nice animation. you kept track of your charactor sizes very nicely and kept your movements flowing very realisticly (as realistic as a stick fight can be :P). keep up the great work!

Graphics and style got ten because

u did a great job on animating your work and showing off the melee combat and such as you did in all your work from these to you doofie and you (mmmm) Bunny Kill 1 and 2

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3.63 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2003
3:42 PM EDT