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Mr. T vs Cats

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Mr. T is my hero, and I always wanted to make a Mr. T vs cartoon, so I choose Cats from ZeroWing. I took Mr. T sound clips and his picture and combined it with the All You Base Are Belong to Us movie, and added a few more stuff. If you don't know who Mr. T is don't even bother watching the movie, and instead go watch some A-Team episodes.


it was ok

no real plot

I pitty the fool who mess with my van.

Ha ha ha!!! Mr. T will live on, sucka'!


This kicked major ass, dude. All Your Base will never die! Muahahahaha--err, ahem, I mean, nice movie you've got here. ;>

PS Check out ZeroWing: Next Generation, the link should be in my profile somewhere. I'll be making an updated version soon, with better voices, etc.

Mr. T's Hella Strong!

This was a great flick! The All Your Base Are Belong To Us animation will never get old for me and Mr. T is one of the greatest characters in '80s television. I thought this was a beautiful merger of the two. Kudos!!

Mr T. Cerial is yummy

The last guy was a tool for giving you a 0, no matter how unfunny he thought it was, he could have been honest and given you a realistic score, you obviously didn't deserve a 0. The "all your base" thing is getting kinda played out already but I have to give you a high score because you did a great job with it, it was very funny and you did a great job with mixing the two together....

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3.85 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2001
6:42 PM EST