Mario Bloopers (vA)

October 7, 2003 –
May 7, 2008
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U suck..................... MARIO ROCKS USHITBALL

Not half bad.

Funny start out.

I got thanked!:)
what did Crono and Frog do?
doesnt frog leave?
i always wondered what was up with that pipe...

Didn't see that coming. Mario and Luigi fell to their deaths

1-UP Mushroooms, stat!

Great Movie! I hate that Mario!

so funny for sumthing so old... awsum movie

This was hilarious


I've seen this with my alter ego, treekillerbugs. And we'd like to say we love your work.

1 great of the sagas


The jokes could have been a little shorter and sharper, but it's pretty god nonetheless. And you get a cookie for the Chrono Trigger reference.

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

didnt u read the top? lol

It's funny!

It was incredibly funny. liked the pipe scene and the bigger is better scene.
Good work!

Tis must be fixed u must pimp this

for to be bloopers they're to hilarious

Who are they to knock this masterpiece? I seen the 1st episode time and again and I know 4 a fact that it's simply still sidesplitting. Mario hurt his leg kicking a shell, busting his balls on a flag pole, it's all laughs.

this is really great :D

lol it was very funny

ha i loved the chrono reference and the rest of the movie is excellent too

yay =D

Everything was funny, but chrono and frog was the stituation of my curiousty of the reason of why did u add them.

dis is da most funy thing i saw

that is a masterpiece! ALL 10!

''My poors italian ball'' XD

Thatsa one big puddle o piss!

that was very funny i loved it

Omg thats ss f***ing funny

2 make it short, there is better than that. I have one question. I read that is not allowed to use Copyrighted music. Or is'nt the music of the original game copyrighted?

That was so funny funny!!! "Oww.... my meatballs!" you did a good job with this one. i hope you do more, but no ideas for those.

the chrono trigger thing went on WAY too long, and chrono shouldn't talk.
But other than that pretty good.
the first one wasn't all that funny either.
oh well

this thing is good u guys should make a 4th 1 but one thing i didnt like about that waz the one where mario tried to go though that pipe and kept going to that top one dont put that in the other bloopers u guys try to make

This Is So Damn Funny I Nearly Died Watching The Whole Movie

This Review Will Now Selfdistruct

Keep up the good work.

Considering how long ago you made this (sorry if some reviewers can't tell that) this flash has serious potential. I never got to reviewing it so I am now. Good sound, the flash runs smoothly without staggering in the animation and the humourous concepts are fairly original. I want to give you good credit for the success of this flash and the others in the series. I'd be very interested in seeing another flash in the line-up.

If i could recommend one thing, I know it's been mentioned, but I just wanna emphasize how making the scenes short and sweet would drastically improve the success in your flashes.

Excellent job overall!!!

but i'll give 10 to support ok? thks.

i love the mario bloopers, they always crack me up, good job.

It sure was funny, but the ending kinda sucked. but still, it's a good movie.

i like this one alot! i love mariobloopers wooooohoooooo!!!!! man this is sweet u should make em funny way funny!

the main reason i like this 1 is becaurse u use chrono trigger guys: ) o yea lumire atack rulz

i have sen better and worse.

Not bad... Not great, but not bad...

wtf is this shit?!?!? this sux balls badly! i kno u can do better...waaaay better...(dont mind the catagories their random :O)

The bloppers were pretty good. Some of them were pretty much ones that have been done to death, liek the rope one. I liked the Chrono Trigger one, as that one was pretty funny and pretty well made. My main flaw is that most of yur bloppers dragged on a bit to the point where they really weren't all that funny anymore. I likje your inclusion of day and night in the pipe stage as well. The sprites were used very well, and if you could shorten the bloppers a bit in the next episode, they'll be good.

Chrono trigger! yay!

Any constructive critiscm would be wasted on you, your flash is terrible please don't make more. Oh and if you give me "You haven't even made one flash so shut up", that fact doesn't make your flash any more or less bad. Oh and contrary to your belief any of David Firth's flashes kick the shit through this, or any of your flashes.

Haha, this was pretty funny. Nice job.

I liked it. I love all Sprite movies actually, and Mario Sprite movies are always an extra plus from me. I love these Mario Bloopers Flashes and your series is one of my favorites. Good job on it.

This is one of the better movies ive seen on newgrounds. Great job.

Ok 3 for Graphics Cuz just like U said... 8-bit NES Graphics lol

But stuill overall I hik the whole concept of this movie was Absolutely Amazing... Im going 2 Download.... I mean WATCH the other parts not!

Bye 4 now :D

I should give you a 10 for the energizer bunny thing. Less consistant swearing would be nice though. Kinda feels immature. Other than that great.

WOW this is so freakin funny!!!!!!!!!:D

that's a fucking a funny

I have to say that this was quite funny. I truly enjoy any crossover of sprites from anything, and as for the Energizer bunny... I love randomness a lot. I think that this flash is quite well done.

(This is my first review, I hope it doesn't suck)

Who says bucko anymore? Well this was a good flash I liked the comedy and I always did wonder what that second pipe was for on level 2. You Rock and Piconjo sucks. Now please give me 50 bucks.

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok

Eh heh heh heh ]:|

I didn't think this was very funny at all... I'm sorry, I just didn't.

I loved the part when crono and frog showed up to help mario.

This was really funny, but got really boring at one part. That's ok though because everything else was great!!!

This flash video was awesome and it was very good and very well made. The sound you added to this flash was awesome. And the humor you added to it was awesome and very well thought of. You did a excellent job on making this flash video. 5/5. Nicely done.

I loved every millisecond of it, I'm proud of you!

This wasn't that funny, dude.

dude this wasnt funny that much

Hilarious mishaps! Poor Mario, whokeeps suffering in these... Oh well, at least it was fun.

they pushed him on the axe and fell you dumbass god some people are retarded like you

man this is fuuny but i dint get the last blooper though

that wuz awsome dude i loved it =)

The first three bloopers we're not all that funny but the last two we're hilarous especially #4 with Crono and Frog,the sprite movement was really well tweened though it could have used some funnier sound effects,you did a very good job on this though.

the funniest you made

Well kinda cool I guess. but I got bored in the middle of everything. Make it better with other more entertaining things. (ie better dialogue, Mario saying Mama *^$#er!! you know stuff like that)

but u tried 2 hard to make it funny and went OTT, and the bigger the better 1, ho r those guys

Some of them where kinda hard to understand. The blooper called Bigger Is Better had its story plot messed up at the last half because the goomba gets bigger then all of a sudden it goes to another story plot. 2 out of 5 from me...u better improve or it will be worst...trust me...

Pretty funny, but Goomba peeing was a little much. I love these Mario Bloopers

this did not work so well for me - it kinda annoyed me in some ways.......the only reason i gave it a 3 for humor is coz it DID make me laugh at.............some points - oh well....better luck next time!

(keep trying - DON'T give up.)

Not as good as the sequal

Funny, but not great otherwise.

it was really funny but was lacking like everything else besides humor and yea great work make more improved 1s!

well it was not so bad i want to drown in a 1 inch puddle but it not is not the best flash of mario i have seen. watch it if you are bored but dont expect too much from it.
oh yeah slow down the text in the acts cos i did not have enough time to read through it all, thank you

It was good, but some parts (especially the "Onward to Level 2" one) were long and boring. Try to keep them short and sweet.

i think the second one is better but make more, maybe a final fantasy 7 one....

I LOVE Mario but that was just too funny!! I really liked the part were Mario was tring to go down the pipe,and says,"Fuck this shit!" that was really good.^^ Oh,and when he cracked his nuts into the pole!! Man that was funny as hell,I was frecken cryin!!^o^ I often wondered how he was able not to do that in the game.o_o' He must have had it broken down into an art....after a while!! As they say 'learn from your past mistakes.' Nintendo forgot to mention that in the game. After all Mario does have an imge to maintain!! But everybody has skeleitons in there closet,and Mario has a mighty big one that just so happens to have DK JR carved into it's skull! Bet that would tarnish his good guy imge,but hey people don't seem to remember that....or there over looking it! Hey call it second chances or a matter of bitter sweet revenge...(after all DK did kidnap his girlfriend) >_< I would be mad too!! Hey I still love Mario and he is a good guy...he just don't seen to care for monkeys!! T_T

Not bad, pretty funny, espically scene 3, that made me laugh the most, but overal its good stuff

I liked scene 3 and scene 4 the most

This had some funny jokes in it, the grapics were terrible though, but yes, i know.. it's the crappier version of mario's games.. lolz.. those jokes made me laugh though good job.

Chrono trigger added a nice touch to it though.

BUT again another funny movie this wasn't as funny but still a 5 work

the graphics were 8 bit so it's pretty much supposed to be low score but style covers it and humor really good but half funny as mario FHV again iner makes up for it and violence one question is bloopers 2 out? i think i looked at it once?



I love your blopper work. I love the cell phone and it rings and he has to go plung a tolit and he said "son of a bi*ch and he goes back peach said you forgot bowser comes in and bowser sounds like a T-rex Good JOB mAN!!!!!!!!

1: Mario kicks the shell ass, then CRASH! Mario bleeds, then he's giant! 2: He goes down the flagpole, SLIIIIP - THUNK, and as for his head, BOING! 3: "What the f*ck is this bullsh*t was so funny! 4: He eats a mushroom, then the Goomba eats 4! Then Chrono Trigger fellows defeat that big SOAB! 5: Mario chases Luigi but then BLUB-B-B-B-B- WHOOOOO - they fall down.

My balls...my poor italian meatballs...

funny and interesting!!! The best is the big goomba....

This is a-xcellent

They were good sprites but I'm not sure weather the animation was quite "Sprite Like" in all the scenes. I think the Font in the speech bubbles needs changing, it doesn't quite fit in with the Mario sprites. I think in places Mario looks a bit squashed.

There are alot of Mario bloopers on NG but you have that certain twist to it like after Mario hurt his poor "Italian meatballs".

You had most of the right sounds in most places.

A fair share of violence. You can't have too much violence or it doesn't fit in well.

It wasn't a game but the scene selection can be counted as a slight bit of Interactivity.

It was quite funny but in places like the one with the Frog it carried on too long. I liked the "I must break you" joke.

It wasn't too bad but again in some places things didn't look "Sprite like". Not too bad hope #2 is better.

hahaha dude that was great


Holy shit i allmost wetted my pants when i laughed ! This is SO Good and Mario BLoopers 2 is tho! Cant Wait To See Mario BLoopers 3!!

i laughed my head off when i watched this!!!! But i like Mario Bloopers 2 better!!

THIS WAS HILARIOUS!!! haha nice job! so funny hahahaha LOL when the goomba goes big HAHA!! such a funny movie O.o

How did you come up with those ideas??!! That movie is SO FUNNY!!!! I could watch this movie over and over again!!!!

Dude! that was the funniest mario parody i've ever seen!

It was good the bloopers of some itallian guys.

I thought this was so good. I love the music quality. The part where the two guys from Chrono Trigger came in, that was so funny.


that waas really good dude i think its ur best i really liked #2 ''toasty'' lol that was really good dude

i liked the mariosux at the main menu...

This is my favorite vA movie, Act 3 is so funny. Act 2 was really funny too, 2 & 3 are my favorites.

Very good, keep them coming. Act 3 was great, lol. Keep up the good work : D

I have no words for this. This is to funny. Act 2 was great. Like the above said: more, more, more ;)

I thought other sprite movies were good, that was a wicked sound job, man and the whole Chrono thing was cool, I'm gonna go see #2

Hey, I was running through one of my search strings and saw your second episode of this series. The second one was better by far, so good job improving it. This one just simply wasn't as funny as the second, but it was a little funny. Good job.

-Spiral out

Moma-mai this is really good

Okay, I think it was good. The style, idea and creativity was AMAZING but the humor needs a little work. It seems like on that pipe seen you didn't even think it through; you just did it. But anyway, I give it about a 5.3-

While I found some of it actually funny I couldn't sit through all of it because some of the acts went on forever.
Good though.

you can do batter than that

My God!! This movie was totally hilarious !!

Espesially when he broke his ITALIAN MEETABALLS!
Haha !! And the pipething was very funny too !!

It wasn't that bad. The main ting wrong withit is that it drags on in places, making it qute tedious to watch.
Otherwise ok.

A great movie the bloopers are hilarious a great job keep up the good work.

These bloopers are hilarious! Keep 'em coming! I liked the one with the pipe he couldn't go down the best.

That was pretty good! You should make a third one!

btw i located some secrets:
1) Mario collected only 13 coins (i H8 that number!) which symbolizes bad luck, it's probably why those bloopers showed up.
2) When the pipe refuses to warp Mario down look at the skies, some star formations form "M" and "N".
3) At the scene mentioned above, look at the TIME, it says DAY, at night it says NIGHT.
At last, you need to know 1 thing: The first Super Mario game released, listen to the music. It's digital alright, but at the Super Mario Bros. the music is improved.

Being a huge gamer,I never get tired of gameparodies.I really liked it and think you should definately make tons more(plus it would kick ass to see somemore chronotrigger content on NG).

This was a pretty good flash except you messed up with the loading screen it start to soon

the chrono trigger scene was too long, and the only one that wasnt funny..

the other 4 were pretty funny..

i didnt rate high in graphics or sound, simply because the graphics are sprites, and the sounds just go with the graphics..

as for style, ive seen plenty of mario bloopers before..

but as for the humour, it was pretty funny.

The Sequel you made is much better then this one, but none theless, great job for your first flash!

Great movie! That was so cool, and it was shocking to me when chrono and frog warped in. As for the energizer bunny? So classic! Keep it up!

that was so great i have to check out the second 1 now!

This is one of the best Mario pardoys I've seen in a long time. I liked the chrono trigger cameo.

I'm going to have to check out your site now.

please keep making movies like this, you've got some great talent there, it would be a shame to waste it.

You're awesome man, if you make anymore, let me know ok? thx ;P

the humor if there was any was very dry... i didn't laugh once. srry.

that has to be one of the most funny mario parodies i have ever seen. keep then comming lol.
i mean it this thing will have me laughing at random intavles for a week.

wow i never knew that someone could be that creative on movies i like the way you did it i wasn't expecting the yoshi isand with the grown mario either

tell me 1 thing though

where did you get the SUper sound(Ryu's shinku hadoken)I really would like to request for it

nice job take care

hahah! that was too funny! ^__^ i really enjoyed watching it. ^^ *adds to fav list*

I liked the chrono trigger part

I like the defective pipe part.

In my opinion you need to get some speech in your next movie. I missed some of the text because it was going to fast sooooooo like I said, use speech next time because I want to see more because you did on the next one because this one was really good :)

that was kick ass! i like when mario hits the pole and goes.. No.. stop the music... my poor italian balls... LOL!! that was sooo funny... great job, i look forward to seeing other work done by you! :)

This has been done a million times before, often with greater artistic braveur. This wasn't a shit original, innovative, or not the least bit funny.

good animation but it dragged on at times, and some the jokes were kinda lame, good ending though.

Good menu to start, with things to read and that old mario music to listen to while it loaded. Pretty good ideas for super mario bloopers, had a lot of the game scenes in it, including the duel with bowser. Chrono Trigger was a little unexpected, since I wasn't expecting to see them in a mario parody. Keep it up, and by the way, whatever happened to your other two movies, the ones you chose to remove?

pretty well animated...but wasnt very funny...and mario doesnt swear the last time i played any nintendo game....

Like I've said before, one of my favourite things on Newgrounds is the Mario movies...yours is up there with some of the funniest I've ever seen...keep up the good work!

It was okay... just not that funny. Sorry.

That pipe gag was brilliant nice, man

OK execution, but the jokes were a bit lame.

Idk, i can't do better than you can...But um..It wasn't really that funny.


Good up until the stupid Chrono Trigger scene. I thought this was MARIO Bloopers, not Chrono Trigger Bloopers. Fuckhead.

Nice refence to Rocky 4 ----> Ivan Drago : "I must break you" and "If he dies, he dies !".

Nice original "Mario" movie. Normally i dont like movies based on that anymore, but this one was good ! Keep up the good work !

The only thing I can give you help on is that there needs to be more!

it was slow in some parts, like during the Frog/Chrono scene. also, the text is a little hard to read. use Arial or something next time, something more "reader friendly" (even if it looks boring). overall, nice job.

Who CARES if its a Mario movie...people WANT to see more of them, and if they are good like this then great!

You think well and that was funny never thought how it would be like that. Keep going you doing good just becareful.

Its good but it can use some more work like cut out somne of the swears man!

I can see you put a fair ammount of effort into that, and it IS better than most of the crap in the portal, but after 'Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom' and others this seemed a bit...old. Admittedly it DID make me laugh so I can't be too harsh.

I'm gonna give you a 4.

very funny, never seen mario curse so much but hey it was still great, i liked it, i hope to see mario 2 and 3 bloopers hahaha.

Just seemed meh. Not bad or good, but meh.

good movie that other flamer that doesnt like it cuz its a sprite movie has no idea what a good movie is

Ending goes to show you that trying to be in the spotlight just gets you nowhere.

Anyways, pretty good movie, it just seemed to drag on humor during part 3 and 4. Also, add just a little more sound (like the Goomba should roar) and you'll be making sprite movies really good.

You said not to be so harsh... so... I gave you a 1 instead on the main voting bar... I think mario bloopers are a place where a more action packed 3moreDeeeish graphics level could benefit a bit more... good effort though

sure many people already made jokes about mario but hey, this is pretty funny. Good job. Me and my roomy laughed the entire time

how original!

Good job Matrix. I have been awaiting your first flash movie. IT was well made. YOu got a 5 coming form me. Thats all I gotta say keep up the good work after IM done wiht my first movie as well naybe we can affiliate eh? well keep up the good work and I hope your next movie is going ot be even greater than the first. See ya! :D

Great Job!I love Mario outtakes!

Can't Go Wrong With Mario

I got tired of seeing Mario Sprites that aer the same...this had comedy so it owned :P good work...keep it up

- Faust

It wasn't anything special... The beginning was rather slow, didn't have any good jokes until about act 2 or 3, It took until the CT cameo to be truly funny. You used NES sprites for this, which is OK. But its just that. OK. Plus, I see you attack some of your negative reviewers based on their flash experience. That erks me. So Ill save you time and give my credentials.

Lucca vs. Magus, Daily 4th Place, 10/2/03

Try a bit harder next time.

The best part was when Crono and Frog unexpectantly show up. That was a nice surprise. The pipe joke was funny but went on too long. Otherwise, I just didn't find this all that funny. Not because it is a sprite movie but because.. it just wasn't that funny. It was a well made movie though - good use of sprites.

Dude, that was awesome, kept me laughing for a long time. The "Bigger is better" part was the greatest!

Nice! I liked the one where the pipe wouldn't work :) Keep it up, I wanna see more movies!

Heh, that was very interesting indeed ^_^

Interesting cameo by Chrono and Frog, guess they just couldn't wait that long ^_^

Keep up the good work!! I wanna see more video game bloopers!!!

Well not bad at all, not real VGDC or nething but still good. i especially liked the vice cityesque font.

WOW thats a great movie man. It looks like it took u a while and u might have stopped. I wonder what inspired you to start it up again....... HMMM I wonder?

it was ok but it wasnt great good jod tho!!!!sry to say this but it was kinda corny.

Cool this was good

Why did I like it you ask? Because Chrono showed up to kick some ass, that's why =D.

LMAO fucking funny........... hahahahha, ACT 4 funny shit.........nice enrgizer bunny sprite.....fucking funny, keept it up, you should of had the bro's doin shrooms in that good mario parody shit MORE I DEMAND MORE

I hate movies that have to do with Mario and sex. "Oh my poor italian meatballs." Not very funny. Try harder next time ;)

Good movie, i like the 4th Act the best.

Very cool, man. Chrono Trigger is the best game of all time! Keep up the good work!

You've got some funny shit there man,,, keep it up!



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