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TN - Amateur Hour p.1

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Watch the whole thing. We know its wierd and badly animated but we had fun making it so we don't care. Lots of different stuff, so there is bound to be something that will make you laugh, or cry, or scared, or oprah.



turned out pretty good for just fucking around. should do more like this.. yes.. or else wild rabid weasels will give you cancer -- in the head!

Uhh... cool?

that was cool, though fucked up at the same time. Weird thing is, this is better than most of the other pure shit you find around here. Hmm... yeah, I'll leave it at that.


Just comes to show you that we're all fucked up in a sense!!

I thought it was funy, but...not right! in a way

this was great

just goes to show, you dont need a polished, smooth graphics to make a really funny animation.

i must say that this particular flash movie is literaly the only thing ever to make me really laugh in a looong time.

Good job David and Eric, you gotta make another one of these some time, Funny random humor just rules.

P.S. i dont understand some of the ppl giving low scores just because they they compare it to the TN series. those people suck and obviously cant see a good thing when its in front of them


that was good...i can only hope to make somehting as great....not as GOOD....but as funny.
It shares the same sense of humor as a Five Alive commercial...=P

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4.04 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2003
7:30 AM EDT
Comedy - Original