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Tank Berls

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This clip is "Tom Fulp" approved :) Thanks man.

Tank Berls by : Chris Claudet

This is a video my friend made and I recently converted to flash. He has a couple of others that will be added later, and in the next few days our website will go up @ www.pimpoftheworld.com
[March 2]
Like to thank everyone who has reviewed the movie, and given comments and praise. The next movie, "Natural Selection" should be up in the Portal soon.



Well that was a great glimpse to an amazing idea. I thought that what you did well here was the level and energy to which you gave you voice acting skills too, it was just so exciting. I thought that using toy action figures was a good way to setup a short. My only problem with this would have to be that it was just too short on the duration, i mean i liked the first few seconds but then you went to a shot of them standing face to face and then it was over. Overall there was just too much potential here to be wasted by underuse.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)


Very funny

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it was origonal and really funny! make more and mak em longer!!!!

Awww you should have made more

Man the animation was so smooth,The sound was superb,why the hell didnt you make more?!

How did you make them move like real?

Yeah, wont that take couple of HUNDREDS pictures? I know that 24 pics/second makes moving, "real" picture. So you need to burn damn much film, incase you havent a digicam. Great job, man!

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3.39 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2001
7:10 PM EST
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