Captain Competent

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The situation in Iraq grows worse... But Lieutenant General Fosington knows the one man who can succeed where others have failed - The world's most effective superhero, Captain Competent!

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Not Awesome

One of the best concepts, put to waste. Why the hell was his mouth moving without any voice for nearly a minute?


it was alright.. i kind of laughed.


You screwed us over on that one. It had such a promising premise... You are a cheeky bastard, aren't you?

ashens responds:

The cheekiest.

your losing me.

you restored my faith with "all your shoes" then i seen this. i admit the concept was funny. just kinda pooly delivered. i loved the drawings but the graphice are still under rated because of the skimping on the mouth movements. you seem to have had a bad mix of humor and realisem. if you wanted humor in the mouth movements then over exagerate them. make the topside of his head become some times detatched from his head and the movements less smooth. if you want realism then make the bottom half of his mouth move when he talks. im just here to help. so no rude comments please. i do admit i almost chuckled at the end. i laughed... but only with a slight release in breath.

hell, i wish i was captain competent

that was pretty funny, cuz you think its gonna show him doing something but he just walks off for like 5 seconds then comes back on and he's done

Credits & Info

2.40 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2003
8:57 PM EDT
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