Creature Garden 1.6

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I fixed some glitche in the old one. Get 3 pionts in all areas of stage 2 to evolve for the 3rd time. Please write a review to tell me what im doing right and wrong. thanx


bad game

sorry bou this game sucks ai had to do was get jump to 3 and won, also if you hold shifat and move the arrow keys he moveas in his sleep,fix the bugs and give the lile thing more to do


very great but i found 2 glitches if your the head thing and keep pressing spacebar the head will do some messed up things and if u run out of energy it will show the R.I.P. stone it will go to the end thing with the bunny very odd...

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nice but,

THERES NO SOUND. but it was awsome

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Nice, but here's a tip:

For minor updates, edit your submissions instead of making new ones. Just thought you ought to know...

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Better than last time

But yet again, some jerk blows up your garden as soon as you evolve. But at least you get to try out the weights and trampoline. Oh yeah, here's an idea. Thge stronger you are, the less tiring weights are, and same for jumping and the trampoline. But trampolines aren't that tiring! A trampoline badly hurt me twice but never puffed me out!

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2.77 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2003
6:08 PM EDT
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