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Fire Man - Incoming Storm

rated 3.83 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

Credits & Info

Oct 5, 2003 | 2:24 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place October 6, 2003
  • Weekly 5th Place October 8, 2003

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Author Comments

Default keys: LEFT and RIGHT arrows to move. UP arrow to jump. CONTROL to shoot. SHIFT to slide. The controls are customizable.

The game is hard. If you get easily frustrated with Mega Man games, don't even try this one.

In order to start with six extra lives, write "onemorechance" at the main menu.

The latest version of this game can always be found here: m/clips/fis/

For tips and trick check this forum thread at my site
iragination/forum/index.p hp?board=8;action=display ;threadid=1083
They start at page 2 Reply #28 and go along all the thread

I'm not a native english speaker. Ignore it, ignore that it's Fire Man and that the storyline makes no sense. Even igonore the sprites and the sound, because in the end they are not mine. All what is mine is the programming and the artwork at the cutscenes. That's what I'm mostly proud of. Try to judge that. :)

Many thanks for your valuable feedback. With it I expect to make even better stuff. I even made it to the front page. Many thanks! :D


Thanks for your comments and good ratings. Also thanks for prove me wrong: You DO appreciate this sort of productions :D I would rather prefered to lose the first place to another game than a movie, but well, I guess someday we'll get separated game awards from movies and the history will be different >=)

The game is "hard". But consider this, the controls are smooth and solid. You do can kick several butts if you want it. Check the highscores, there's people that have already cleaned the house with the bosses. An engine this good deserved a good challenge. Again, if you're frustrated with these games, don't even try it. Forget the storyline, forget that it's Fire Man. The game itself is good :D

Type "bosses" at the main menu if you only want to fight the bosses in order. It's a practice mode, no scores, no endings, no CG cutscenes, because they are only for the winners :D



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very well done.

This is definitely one of the best flash games that I have ever played. People who complain about the graphics and the "originality" need to understand that you were deliberately trying to make it look and feel like MegaMan.

Now I know that I am just saying what a lot of people before me said, but the game is too difficult. It's not because of skill, because I know when to jump, and when to slide, etc. But Tengu will sometimes fly at an angle that you can not dodge, or will change attacks too quickly to out maneuver. But again, I know that you did this intentionally, so you don't lose any points for it. Oh, and also, I put 4 for humor, because the opening cutscene's spelling and grammar had an All-Your-Base esque quality to it ^.^


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is the best Megaman game ever. Irragarion rules. You should put up[ fireman versus bass here too. Once again, it rules!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

For those who say "im a weak bitch who cant win.."

heres the lowdown on how to beat these guys. but first...
the 3 locks: Just find 3 boxes with blinking lights. keep looking. give up, your an eternal wussy newb. if you found this hard....
Tengu Man: The free life you get will ALWAYS respawn. just gotta time the jump. anyhow, Tengu man does 3 things.
Hover: he just floats around tauntingly. this is the BEST time to shoot him. to do so, Fire your blaster at him while using the 8 bit fans on either side of the arena to fly up to where you can shoot him (ha ha ha, bet most of you didnt know that.)
Slash Slide: tengu man flies from below you, from behind you, or in front of you. its kinda hard to hit him here, and you risk getting hit hard. Fire if your experienced enough to.
blow away: tengu man throws 3 blades and generates a wind to knock you off. if your above one of the arena fans, your gonna be knocked off easy. watch it. another good time to blast him fyi.
Strategy: Just shoot whenever you get the chances mentioned above.
Freeze man: no more free lifes. its do or die.
Ice Blast: Freeze man throws 5 ice shots. he does this, then his second atack. to dodge, slide under the first 2 shots, then jump, and if timed right, you'll get over the last 3.
Ice Wave: its either this or his 3rd atack. when he fires this, itll be a rock flying straight, then a wave of death in an arc shape. not too hard to dodge, but watch it.
Ice Shot: he fires a dircet shot at you. slide to dodge.
Strategy: Funny, you think your fire would be more effective. nope. Just watch yourself when your sliding, and this guy shouldnt be hard. if you found him harder than tengu man, you need to REALLY work on your fighting (Type bosses at the menu to train on them.)
I hope this helps ya all. Great game, found it kinda laggy, and next time dont put so many enemies in the elevator.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

excellent game

This is easily better than some of the mega man games that have been coming out for playstation 1 and 2. My only complaints are that you can't charge your weapon up, and the boss has about 10 lines or more for each line of health that you have.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

It was really cool and really fun

I really fun game to play. But why Fire man