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Bush - U.S. of Whatever

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This is a parody of the Liam Lynch song "United States of Whatever" but this one is featuring George W. Bush! Enjoy!

UPDATE: Woohoo! Frontpage! Thank you Newgrounds! Also a big thanks to the good reviews, I'd reply to you but it got way more reviews than I expected, and to all the bad reviews... I've seen your profiles, you dont have any flash, meaning: Your the ones that Suck. =oD

Oh and by the way I'm not too involved with politics so if you want to call me anti-american or whatever the hell, go for it because I could care less. I just wanted to make a video for a funny song.

Added AntiClockClock because we run a site together and this will soon be on the flash section.


This was terrible...

So terrible that I have turned it off as soon as the first chorus line kicked in.

"United States of Whater" is a terrible song, so naturally I disliked George W. Bush Jr. singing it to his own lyrics. I also hated the fact that this is not the correct George W. Bush Jr. I do not praise him for he is a moron and that was not portrayed in this music video. He was more laid back, and giving ordering.
You really have to get your story straight and if you want to make another political satire, learn of politics and then learn politics.

I am Canadian. Where I come from, we haven't any problems recognizing satire, you fool.

MappyTheKlown responds:

Well you successfully showed me that some canadians are REALLY dumb and ramble on about NOTHING.

Bush Is Weird Like That

I Like That Mappy Answers Back :D But It Was Cool And I Give It A 8 Long Live Mappy!!

MappyTheKlown responds:

Yes, long live me! You better vote 5 on my future submissions lol.

Here's to the home grown dope (actual t-shirt)

Funny shit man. Graphics could be a bit better but love the song and agree with the attitude. What the rest of the yahoos whom gave rated badly based on the meaning of the vid instead of graphical content don't get is it's all freakin TRUE. If folks took more time reading both sides of the story of baby bush than they did wacking off to flash porn they might ACTUALLY learn something...ppppphhhhh! YEAH RIGHT! Bakatachi.
I'll be honest, I gave it a ten cause Bush slamming is A-OK with me!

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Funny shit, perfect exampl of George W.

That wasn' the best thing i ever saw, but that use of the song and george w. bush theme was excelent. Very creative and kinda funny. Great work

nice work hope ya get more

nice and all but what is up with all the ppl i mean itys a flash whats tghe big deal???

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Oct 5, 2003
6:38 AM EDT
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