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i am sorry to say that this is not finished quiet yet. i just want some feed back and to see if any one has any positive sugesstions. i only get to work on this stuff at school so it may take a while b4 i get to finish this. please check out some of my other movies as well and tell me what you think of those as well. thank you for your time.



At first, I was like wtf? Then I realized it was only a preview :). I don't have much to say about your drawing/animation skills but it's nice to watch. The thing that bothered me was that there was no preloader, so it kept lagging like hell and many people with less patience than I would've skipped this because of it. And... I read some of the previous reviews and... man you gotta learn not to take everything so seriously. It was also kinda fun to read those cause you were telling everyone how stupid they are, yet I noticed that you had a LOT of spelling mistakes in your text...

would be good with some work

Wasnt bad, just some odd things i noticed while watching. The first guy, his hair was stiff when it was blowin in the wind, put more bend to it to make it look a lil more natural. Next, the orange blowing overcoat just looks odd. The way it blows looks funny, it starts to rise like wind is blowing it but then it falls back into place. Doesn't look natural. I suggest you have it blow back and have it kinda ripple, not just fall back into place, but thats my suggestion. Other than that it looks neat, the music goes real good with the video, what song is that?


Far too much of this (pooly drawing) DBZ style fighting with no plot. Think of a plot, then TELL US the plot, then work on your drawing skills so it doesn't look like everyone eles's work, gain and use some originality.

matman86 responds:

hmmm well first of all did you read the title there big shot? it said preview. does a preview have a point? no. it is nothing but flashy images to get you to want to see what the story actually is. and as for the DBZ style animation, well i am working on that but your animation isnt quiet that good either. first of all, you havent even done a flash movie so how do you feel you hone such supierior knowlage that none of us will ever even be able to understand? and i checked your profile, and if you drew that picture that you have posted, you my friend are pathetic. that looks like something some sailor moon obsesed girl drew! or maybe you are one of those guys who watches sailor moon to check out the chicks in small skimpy skirts, and masturbates to it! you are pathetic and should at least do somehing to make yourself worthy of reviewing some one elses art work.


learn to use the skills you have towards a film with meaning , this is just characters giving devious looks lol , u have what u need to make a good film from what i see , now use it for something

matman86 responds:

well the divious looks were b/c it was a preview "hint the title". but anyways im not going to rag on you b/c at least you gave me some credit and you have done flash b4. but i checked out some of the ratings you got, and well, it doesint look like you do any better than me. infact one of the reviews claims that your movie is just sensless pictures as well, so keep that in mind. take your own advice b4 you dish it out to others.

Not very good.

The graphics, though animated well, were drawn very poorly. The lack of plot, violence, humor, or any other reason to watch this movie combined with the graphics making me want to rip my eyes out make this movie not very good.

matman86 responds:

well shit head i am glad to see your movies are soo much better than mine! you god damn twit you have no movies you dont make movies you dont know how to make movies! and if you read to god damn title it says PREVIEW!!! im glad to see your reading skills have passed all the way up to the fith grade! if you had half a god damn brain you would understand that a. it isnt finished yet! so watch it or dont!
b. it is a preview! there is no plot!!! it is supposssed to be flashy pictures to get you to want to checkout the other movies! so get a god damn life make a flash that is better than mine and become the god damn king of the fucking mushroom kingdom!!!

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2.70 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2003
1:50 AM EDT
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