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Mario, megaman level.

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Oct 4, 2003 | 7:37 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This isn't even done yet. Like I said already, it's a test. A much better version that is done will be submitted in like a week.



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Rated 0 / 5 stars

I'll Give Constructive Critisism

Alright, I'll admit that it was horrid, but I'm gonna give ou a few tips on how to make a good Flash:
-Don't use sprites. People like to see your own work, not just some sprites you downloaded. I guess custom sprites are OK though. Besides, sprites aren't that impressive unless you use them well like Randy Solem.
-Give it a preloader and a play button. There are many tutorials on NG about how to make a preloader, why don't you check one out? Not having a preloader will cause the movie to lag, making it a nightmare for dialup users.
-Make it longer, and not as slow. Your movie was a bit boring, and I think you should increase the framerate and give the movie a little more action.


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One-line summary? All right here goes....IT SUCKED

IT SUCKED......Not much to say.......

I make Flash cartoons for fun and never have I put a COMPLETE/any cartoon on Newgrounds because I thought they weren't GOOD ENOUGH....This is pure, unadulterated BULLCRAP.


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You Are good!

I heard the sound and was like... wait oh yeah, at least I finished it.
Not original. How the F--- did you pass with this horse crap? But you're right, mine is worse than some of the stuff on this site...but it beats the hell out of yours. You can't draw!


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This is crap!

Don't even say a damn thing about how I haven't made a flash movie. If I did, I'd actually put some time and effort into it, instead of pulling it out of my ass, like you did. Where the fuck doe it say someone has to give a good review, especially for a waste of time like this? News Flash! Just beacause you made it, doesn't me anyone has to like it. What did you expect something like this: MARIO JUMPED ON TEH GOMBA TAHT WAS SO FUNY111!1 WTF? No plot, no humor, no violence, and no signifigance at all! You crapped out a real winner here, moron. Do everyone on Newgrounds a favor, quit making flash movies.