Another day in marioland

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Some helpfull words...

You can´t be serious! I couldn´t understood anything? Please! Read this review!

1.First of all, I visited on your homesites (sharkflash) and it´s good site, nothing bad.

2.I checked out some of your flashes on your homesites and then in newgrounds.

3.When I watched your flash (another day in marioland) I just, I just don´t know how to say that. You did a sprite movie (it´s not bad, becouse I have done sprite movies too) and example luigi, he was too slight. You should scale him better.

4.The biggest problem in your flash was that, it had no plot. No idea. That´s why it´s the whole world´s biggest wonder, it´s still in the portal!!!

5.Then, the cellupdates sucked. I bet you had 12 fps. (frames per second) I recommend you to click (in flash) modify-movie and then change your cellupdate 12, to 30.

6.I see a great potential of you, and I bet you can do better than that!

7.Your movie was too short. Try to make longer ones.

8.I recommend you to make something else. Example games.

9.That´s all I have to say, and keep this review in your mind!!!

Krahs responds:

This is a hell old movie... All of my movies on my site and NG are old. Trust me I'm much better now, just haven't released anything. >_<

emm ...... ha ha???

what has alex kidd got to do with it?

Krahs responds:

Hey! Thats who it was! And he has nothing to do with this movie..

Yey Yey

I like this one.


I see on a lot of your movies you zoom alot, I love that in movies, just get a good storyline going, I think your doing great on your movies! Keep up the good work Mr_Shark :)
Your Fan,
Eric Whit

Uhhh.. Weird

That was strange? I didnt get it? First there was this strange lookin kid and Mario jumps in front of it. Then Luigi hits him with a shell and they have a fight? Its totally out of storyline... but Good job anyway

Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2003
3:10 PM EDT
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